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I see the moon,
In your eyes...
I see the stars,
In your heart.


Precious POV

I woke up to my alarm blaring, stretching my limbs I switch the alarm off. It was 7am and it's Sunday so I had to go to church, I attended the Kings heritage parish of the redeemed Christian Church of God. Quickly getting up from my bed, I move to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I proceed to the living room to start my chores, since my siblings aren't home, I had to do the work and the housekeeper doesn't come in on Sundays. I finished cleaning the house and cooking rice and stew for us, I went to wake up my parents only to see my mum doing her daily quiet time and my dad snoring away. Shaking my head, I softly tell them food is done. I went into my room to have my bath. Stepping out of the bathroom, I took out my clothes which consisted of a long handed, short flowing sky blue gown that reached my knee and my pair of silver heels. I put on my lotion and undergarments and wore the gown. I put my hair in a ponytail donut and tied the turban on it. I rubbed brown powder on my face and applied  lipgloss, I put on my long pearl earrings then I moved to put my Bible and note inside my bag along with my phone and purse. I quickly slipped on my heels, arranged the room and left. I moved to the living room to see my dad already dressed, I laughed as he was already eating his food, my dad was always so fast when it came to dressing up but my mum took her sweet time. I don't usually eat before going to church, I was used to it. My mum emerged in the living room already dressed up, she went into the kitchen to take her food and I settled myself on the couch, then I remembered something

"Daddy, why did you tell Ethan where we live" I asked him and he tensed

"The guy was disturbing me járé, I told him to be a man and make things right." He shrugged

"Why didn't you tell me" I asked in a childlike manner

"Because I knew you wouldn't want to see him. See Ife, I don't know what happened between the both of you but it was obvious you missed him and he's very much in love with you" he replied and I just nodded. I understood, it wasn't like I'm angry he's here, I just wish I knew he was coming, I could have been more prepared.

They finished eating and we left for church. Getting to church, they were about to start Sunday school, so I took my seat at the last row in the front while my parents sat in the third row.

We were about to start praise and worship, when I felt someone sit beside me. I looked to my side and once again ladies and gentlemen, Ethan white sat beside me in his beautiful glory wearing a patterned Ankara shirt and trousers, what caught my attention were his clothes, they looked sown, like from a Nigerian tailor. I didn't know I was gaping at him until he broke the silence

"Is the cloth okay, I had it tailor sown." He asked me softly and I just nodded still surprised at the fact that he took a Nigerian Ankara. He smiled and I was snapped back into reality as we started the praises.

I have had many surprises but what I'm seeing right now surpasses everything. Ethan was dancing, not just moving, he was shaking his whole body to a Yoruba song and let's just say I couldn't be happier, although I didn't show it that much, I instead matched his dance and put all my heart into it. He looked like he was enjoying himself and I couldn't help but wonder how much I'm grateful to God for this change. Yes, Ethan followed me to church in NYC but this was something more, like he was so happy and grateful for something and honestly I was even more grateful to God that Ethan white could be in my country, in my church, by my side, dancing his heart out to a 'Yoruba song'. If someone had said this would happen I would have laughed so hard, but what can I say, God works in mysterious ways.

"You manage to surprise me every single time" I blurted out as we finished praise and worship and sat down to listen to the choir sing their special song.

"I aim to please and besides I have so much to be thankful for." He replied smiling softly

"How did you even know this place?" I ask curiously. Could my dad had told him again?

"I have my ways" he replied shortly

"I'm glad you're here" I say in a happy tone, things may not be fully recovered between us but he was here in church with God. I couldn't be happier

"It's what you do to me" he muttered but I caught it infact the lady beside me caught it and my heart leaped. I'm sure that if I were any other girl they would cause tantrums and make sure the guy that hurt them pay but I'm a peaceful person, I forgive but that doesn't mean I forget easily. I believe everything we go through has a lesson to pick out. I won't let Ethan into my life that easy again, he was going to have to work for it, he hurt me pretty bad and I won't forget it anytime soon. No doubt I'm curious as to what he will do to get me back but I wasn't like girls who jump in the arms of a man once he says I'm sorry. There's more to life than words. With that thought in mind, I sat silently throughout the service only jotting down the lessons the pastor taught.

We finished service after 2hrs and I was hungry. I just wanted to go home and eat before I start my work again. I stood from my seat, packing my bag when my friend Mercy came to me. She like every other person gaped at Ethan and I was happy he was mine. Wait where did that come from. Get it together Ife.

"Ife will you come for my sister's wedding on Saturday" she asked me snapping me out of my daze

"Babe I can't. My convocation is on Friday and I leave on Thursday to be back on Saturday afternoon." I explained and her face fell but she quickly brightened, flashing her eyes at Ethan, I wanted to slap her face away from him


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