Mr Billionaire wants me


A friend stays,
No matter what...
A true friend's advice,
Is more than worth it.

Precious POV

I woke up really early due to my alarm blaring in my ears. Groaning I switched it off and I stood from my bed to have my morning prayers. I quickly can an Uber to take me to work. I hate Mondays, I have to get to work before 8am and it's 6am right now. After my prayers, I entered my bathroom to have my bath. I finish under 10minutes and pick out my outfit which consisted of a black jeans with long sleeve black top and my white canvas. I dry my body and put on some lotion, then I wear my clothes and tuck in the top and finish it up with a black belt. I add some powder to my face with lipgloss, then I move to wear my silver stud and long silver cross necklace. I wear my shoes and put on my wrist watch. I put my phone, purse into my small bag and carry my lab coat. I leave my room and go into my parents room

"Daddy, mummy, I'm leaving o" I tell them as they are still on their bed

"Alright dear, see you later. Do you want me to come pick up up?" my Dad answered

"No don't, I'll tell Arewa to drop me off" I replied and left. I was beginning to regret not accepting the car my parents wanted to buy for me. It wasn't needed at that time because my sister was in her last year in secondary School which required a lot of money and my brother was going into another year in the university and with my final year projects to take care of, I didn't want to stress them. I would have bought it myself but I used half of the money I saved and invested to study in NY besides I couldn't fly the car over.

I got outside my gate and saw the Uber I called earlier waiting. Quickly entering we drove off since I had given him the directions before. I got to the factory where I work under an hour and got out. I had been working in the Sona agro allied industry for a month and half and I absolutely love it. To work in the factory that produced biscuits, drinks, wine and still act as a consultant for other agro allied industries was like a dream come true. My masters program was worth it and I'm happy it didn't go to waste.

I put on my lab coat as I entered the raw material conversion part of the factory and immediately got to work. 
Me and my colleagues have been working on producing an alcoholic beverage called Burukutu. We have been working on it for the past 14 days because it involves a lot of time
Burukutu production involves five basic stages, which includes: steeping, malting, mashing, fermentation and maturation. The production begins by malting, which involves the conversion of the Guinea corn or millet grains into malt and this takes place on a malting floor. This process is followed by steeping, which involves the soaking of the grains in water for at least three days to allow the grain to absorb moisture and to begin to sprout . When the grain has absorbed enough moisture, it is transferred to the malting floor, where it is constantly turned over for around five days while it is air-dried.

"Dare, will you come help us pack these grains into the mashing machine" my colleague Lanre asks

"Yh sure" I move towards the other three people who were using sieve baskets to carry the grains. Now we are in the last stage which consisted of mashing in which the milled grain known as the " grain bill" (malted grain) is mixed with water known as "liquor" and heating the mixture. This process allows the
enzymes in the grain bill to decompose the starch in the grain into sugars (maltose) to form a wort. The product is allowed to ferment using the sugar fungi form of yeast and allow maturation for 2 days or 48 hours.

I leave the malting floor once I'm done and head back to my cabin. I had my own cabin because I am the consultant here as well and I have an appointment in 15 minutes. I rush into the cabin and tended to some files I had been given to review. I know I've had only a small time working here but the fact that I knew the chairman of the company and he had seen how dedicated I was into the production here, I was assigned as a factory worker and project supervisor at the same time. I was in the process of reviewing the second paper work when my door opened to reveal the receptionist.

"Good afternoon ma, I was told this package is for you" the short female receptionist placed box on my table along with a bouquet of flowers. I was surprised to say the least. I wonder who it's from although I had my suspicion.

"Thank you kelechi" she smiled and left. I quickly picked up the card that was placed inside the bouquet and opened it to confirm yet another one of my suspicions.

Roses are red 
violets are blue,
The world evaporates,
when I'm with you.

I wanted to get the whole pot of flowers but I didn't think you would be able to carry them home. 
I miss you and love you so much

Ethan xx

I smiled at the card like a child who had been taken to the amusement park. This is absolutely beautiful but how did he get it to enter the factory. I shrugged, he was a billionaire,his money could buy this factory. I placed the bouquet into a glass and put water in it then kept it by my table. I opened the box next and my jaw dropped at my favorite chocolates sat there looking delicious. This chocolate was so expensive and I grinned so hard as I put on in my mouth savoring the taste.

I was interupted from satisfying my taste buds a little longer when my cabin door opened to reveal the clients I had been waiting for. I composed myself.

"Please have your seats and let's get started" I gestured for the two men to seat down.

I was finally done with my work for today, it was my closing time 5pm. I packed my things and took of my lab coat straightening it neatly on my hand and left the cabin. I exchanged goodbyes with kelechi and walked out of the raw material conversion factory to meet my friend Arewa. We both went to the same University and worked in the same place except he worked in the packaging department.


Edited: 20.10.2020

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