Mr Billionaire wants me


Whatever we feel, 
there is an opposite reaction
to how we can overcome it, 
For what is a king, without his queen...


Ethan's POV

I woke up with a smile on my face but it quickly turned into a frown, I was alone on the bed. The other side was rumpled making me think she got out not too long. I removed the covers off me and stepped into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Stepping out, I walk downstairs, to see Ife walking around the kitchen barefoot and in my tee-shirt. She was making pancakes, eggs and sausages. I watched as she moved graciously from the pan to the table trying to set it up. I walked over to her careful so she won't notice me and wrapped my arms around her waist, she stiffened but relaxed quickly knowing it's me

"Hmm... I could get used to this. Good morning Ífé mi" I said as she snuggled into me

"Good morning, you were sleeping peacefully so I thought I'd make you breakfast in bed. Happy birthday Ónàólá mí" She said softly turning around with a frying spoon in her hand and kissed me. I smiled at the endearment she uses for me, she said it means The road to my destiny.

"Thank you Ífé mí" I replied quickly with my own endearment for her, it meant My Love.

"Since you're awake, let's eat on the table" she dragged me to the table while she held another serving of pancakes.

We sat down and she served me saying it's my day to get spoiled, I didn't complain, I loved this side of her. It's had been few weeks since she accepted to be my wife and nothing could ruin my good mood. Honestly, it was a little exhausting trying to find evidence against her former boss and setting up the surprise. I had to go to her office and tell everyone not to tell her anything about the party. When I asked for her parents blessings, they gave it to me willingly but not before threatening me, let's just say, I'm terrified of both parents.

"I got you something" she said mischievously

"You already gave me the best birthday gift by being my future wife" I said moving to grab her waist, she smiled pulled me to the living room where my piano was. She sat me down on the couch and went to seat by the piano and suddenly she started playing her version of Happy birthday. I was shocked because Ife doesn't know how to play any instrument so this must be a big deal.

Happy birthday to the one I love,
The man of my dreams, the one who makes me laugh, cry and shy.
He's handsome, tall and white three things I never knew I'd have.
He's caring, loving, sweet, and I love him with all my heart...

Happy birthday to the one I love,
My very own prince charming, the one whose always there, no matter what it seem.
He's perfect in every sense, at least to me
And I'm so proud to call him mine, Ónàólà mí...

Happy birthday to the one I love,
Happy birthday to you.

She sang beautifully all the while looking at me, a proud smile never leaving her face. I hung up on every lyric, the way she sang it, meaning every word and I just knew, I've my soulmate. I was never one to be hung up on women, but Ife had me drawn to her before I even knew what I was doing.

"I didn't know what to get a man who has everything, so I just thought of writing a birthday song, learning to play the piano and get you this" she said snapping me out of my daydream. She held a jewelry case in from of me. I took it, opened it and my eyes widened. It was a silver men's bracelet, I was confused at first when I saw little markings on it, until she pressed a tiny button that gave the silver markings light. They weren't markings, they were engraved words, it said "Ethan white is my world. Ife" I was speechless. I looked at her to see her already staring at me nervous

"You don't like it do you?, I knew I should have gone with the photo prints. I'm so sorry Ethan, I just wanted to do something sp-" my lips met her's immediately cutting off her rant. I'd be a damned fool to reject this

"I love it Ife, it's perfect. You didn't have to do this." I said once we pulled away, our foreheads still touching.

"You deserve more Ethan. You always do things for me and I wanted to spoil you for once" I claimed her lips again pulling her on top of me so her legs were parted on mine. She kissed back with equal fierceness. I moved to kiss her neck, sucking it making her moan which turned me on even more. I pulled back before I loose control. I wanted her first time to be special.

"Now that is the perfect breakfast" I say and she shyly hides her face in my chest making me chuckle. For someone so bold, she can turn shy fast.

"What do you want to do today" she asked me softly playing with my hair.

"I don't know. Let's just stay like this" I mumbled

"Fine by me" she whispered and turned on the TV, picking a movie called Bloodshot. It was a sci-fi action movie. We cuddled up on the couch, with her head on my chest, playing with my fingers while watching the movie.

The movie ended after two hours and she rose my from my chest.

"I wanna give you a massage" she said suddenly pulling my legs with a strength I'm surprised about until I'm lying face down on my stomach.

She knelt by me placing my body under her knees.

"Wow, this is surprisingly amazing" she chuckles. I hands were like magic, I could feel all the tension in my body leave. Once she was done she placed a kiss on my forehead.

"Let's go freshen up and head out" she playfully drummed on my chest before running up stairs. I chased her into the bedroom only for her to run into the bathroom locking the door. I went to sit by the edge of the bed once I heard the shower on. My phone rang flashing Joel's name,


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