Mr Billionaire wants me



Finally, we are one
After everything we endured
Through the highs and lows
Finally, we are one


Precious POV

"Mummy, hide me" my 3yr old son ran to my side hiding behind me. I chuckled

"Where is he" Ethan voice came from the stairs

"Why are you hiding Tobi" I asked my son in a warning voice

"Oluwatobiloba Mark White, come back here and remove my shoes from the pool" Ethan's voice was dangerously loud making my son stiffen

"Mummy please help me" he said in his small baby voice trying to move me from the meal I was cooking

"Alright hide under the table" I said in a whisper and he complied. Ethan came out looking playfully angry, he winked at me

"Where is he Ife" he said dangerously coming towards me making me gulp. Three years and he still had the power to make me shiver.

"I don't know" I said in a small voice, he came to my side

"Don't lie to me" he said in a whisper, his hot breathe tickling me

"Daddy I'm sorry, mummy was only helping me" Tobi came out of hiding with a pout on his lips. I almost laughed, awwn he thought I was in trouble. Ethan rushed and picked him up

"You little monster, throwing daddy's shoe into the pool. I should just throw you in the pool as payback" Tobi squealed laughing as Ethan threw him in the air catching him without hesitation. I laughed at the scene

"No daddy don't. I won't do it a gaming I promise" I shook my head. He was a little trouble maker.

"Alright then, I'll hold you to that" Tobi nodded as Ethan out him down and ran upstairs. I chuckled.

"I told you to stop stressing yourself. You need to be relaxing" he came to my side and held my waist.

"I'm tired of doing nothing Ethan. The maids do all the work and it's frustrating to stay in one place having nothing to do" I stressed out. He didn't allow me to work even

"I don't want anything to happen to both of you" he pleaded.

"Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm helpless" I was 7months pregnant and Ethan won't let me go to work. I forgot how overprotective he was especially when I was having Tobi. He'd do everything, take me anywhere, and buy everything I craved for.

"Alright fine. Are your parents on their way?" He asked

"Yeah, their plane should be landing soon" he nodded. We were going to have a baby shower. Funke already helped me set up, she left to change.

After 2hours my living room was packed with Ethan's parents, my parents, Daphne and her boyfriend, Funke, Joel, Anjola and my brother. My sister couldn't make it because of her exams.

"Grandma Rose, Grandma Zainab come look at what I built." Tobi yelled running to meet them.

"Hold on Tobi, let's eat first" I said picking him up

"Yes, I'm hungry" he squealed making me laugh as he played with my face.

"Alright everyone let's go to the table" I ordered and they complied. I went into the kitchen to help the maids set up the table along with my mum and Ethan's mum

"How are you doing?" Rose asked

"I'm always hungry" I whined and they laughed

"It's normal Ife, he or she will soon be out" my mum pointed at my tummy. I felt a kick inside me and I huffed

"This one kicks a lot. You guys come feel" I motioned for them to put their hands on my tummy. They did and the baby kicked again.

"Wow, that's amazing" Rose gushed out. They collected the food from me and told me to go sit. I pouted, even they don't want me working

I sat down beside Ethan and he kissed my forehead.

"Temi, how's your training?" Ethan's dad asked and I remembered he was training for a match that was a big deal to him

"It's tough but I'll manage" he shrugged answering.

"I hope you win, so you can enter finals" I said hopeful

"Thank you" he said

"So when are you guys going to give Tobi a person to play with" I asked Joel and Funke.

"Don't you have one coming already" she replied sarcastically and I rolled my eyes. They got married a year after Ethan and I.

"Actually we didn't want to steal the spotlight from you guys but now that you've asked, we have an announcement to make" Joel gushed out with a twinkle in his eyes and helped Funke stand up

"We are pregnant" I squealed jumping up and hugging my best friend

"Finally, I can't wait to see you big" I blurted out making everyone laugh.

"Thank you?" She said and I hugged Joel after Ethan did a bro hug with him. His parents stood as well to hug them. I finally met Joel's parents and they are amazing people.

"Since it's the mood of excitement, we also have an announcement to make" Ethan said looking at me. I nodded

"We're having a boy" I said excited and everyone erupted in cheers

"Yes, I knew it. You owe me 50bucks" Funke said tapping Joel's back while he looked defeated and frowned at me

"What? Ethan's genes are stronger" I laughed out saying.

Everyone came and congratulated us, giving gifts and we made a toast.

"2 down, 4 to go" Ethan said with a mischievous smile. I smacked his arm

"Ryder can you please tell your son I'm not pushing four more kids out of my vagina" I pleaded with Ryder making everyone laugh

"C'mon Ife, the guy wants a soccer team. I could always play with them" my jaw dropped. He was supporting Ethan? Rose smacked his head while Ethan looked at me smugly

"I am not having six children" I said dangerously calm looking at Ethan with a glare making him gulp

"I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to upset you. We'll do whatever you want" I smiled immediately making him look at me with surprise.

"Good boy" I patted his head

"But mummy I want more brother's" Tobi added in his baby voice

"This one hasn't even come out yet" I huffed out my hands shot to the sky


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