Mr Kings

Chapter 6

Hey beautiful people. it's your girl Favour.i don't don't know if you are enjoying the story or not, but am having a fun time writing here. 


     We all sat down in the spacous living room. my thought kept going back to the way Evans has been acting, he turned caring all of a sudden. i replay everything in my head , from when we left the penthouse till we got here, he's he under some kind of spell.

 '' Nat'' he calls out


''dinner's ready, are you coming or should i carry you?'';;oh , don't worry, am fine walking with my legs''

''ok then lets head to the dinning hall'' he held my hand and led the way to the dinning  room, he pulled out a chair for me to sit before sitting down on the other chair. two maids served us. the dinning table was filled with different food and fruits, i didn't know where to choose from so i allowed the maid serve me.

'' thank you'' everyone started eating, no voice just the sound of culteries , such a borring dinner, now i know why he he is so cold and borring. any child who stays here will definately become cold, no family interactions, what kind of dinner is this? i finished eating before others so i just sat there sipping my juice.

'' do you want more  sweetie?'' Evans asked, seriously what's wrong with this guy?

'' no am full. ''

'' ok then , let me show you arround while mom and dad finish dinner. '' he stood up , took my hands in his and led me out of the dinning room. 

'' Mr k

'' what did i tell you about names, natalie?''

'' sorry Evans what;s going on?'' 

'' i believe you don't have any problem with your eyes ''

''obviously i don't. i just want ot know why you are been so kind to me, this is not like u at all. tell me what's going on.''

'' nothing that concerns you. just keep acting ok. ''

''acting? am so getting out of this place.'' i removed his hands from mine and head back into the house leaving himalone outside. 

''Natalie, Natalie, Nat , Nat. ''he calls out but i don't listen to him. i just keep walking inside the house to get my things i left on the table inside the living room. 

''Natalie come on. ''

'' no am leaving'' i say without turning around to face him. 

'' seems you want it the hard way. '' he says  in his usual cold voice making me stop '' remember the contract you signed few weeks back?  you didn't read through did you? may i remind you that you belong to me? leave and your family pays. '' by now he is so close to my face , i can feel he's hot breath  on my neck.  

''what do you mean?''

'' oh what i mean is you belong to me, body,soul, mind, everything about you belongs to me.  '' i tried not to cry but i couldn't , tears escape my eyes falling down on my cheek . 

'' you can't do this. i owe you money , i signed a ........  i got cut short when he's lips fall on mine. he kissed me and i tried not to kiss back.

'' what's going on here?'' i hear the voice of he's father behind me. i immediately pulled back. 

'' nothing dad, we had a fight about somethng, she was really upset, was making it up to her. right sweetie?'' he says looking down at me.

'' yes Mr Kings. '' i say turning around to meet both his father and mother staring at us

'' am sorry, i hate to see you crying. '' he says bringing out he's handkerchief to wipe my tears. he brings he's head down to my ear '' act stupidly and face the consequences '' 

'' ok let's have dessert. '' he's mom says. we all sit down while a maid hands us a plate of chocolate withe spoons. i and Evans sit on a lovesit while he's parent sit opposite us. 

'' so Natelie tell us about yourself, what do you do for a living? ''

'' hm i work 

'' she's my PA mum''Evans says.

'' you are sleeping with your PA?'' he's mom says 

'' mum she's my girlfriend not a fling. '' he says

'' Feli don't talk like that. '' he's father says.

'' ok. so where did you school?'' she asks

'' i didn't attend college''

'' oh really and why is that?''  

'' well i had low

'' mum why are you asking all this questions? '' Evans saves me at the last mint. i really don't want to tell anybody about the fact that i couldn't complete my education because am poor. 

'' what did i say wrong? it's a harmless question. '' 


'' don't mom me. you bring a gold digger to introduce as your girlfriend. what happened to elites like us? why pick from the poor?''

''Felicity stop that, you are making her uncomfortable. if our son chose her then let them be. ''

'' let them be? you want somone who wears rags and steal from others using thier beauty to bear the furture of this family? i won't let that happen. you better leave myhouse, i feed you already. Grace ''

''yes ma?'' a maid runs to her.

'' remind me to get rid of the dishes she used , everything she touched, down to the floor she's standing on. ''

'' yes ma'' 

''leave'' the maid leaves quicky

'' mom what's all this ?'' Evans finally finds he's voice. 

'' what's what?'' 

''Dad we'll take our leave now. '' he stands up and talks my haand in his. 

'' alright son see you at the party. ''

'' yea dad.''

'' Natalie , good bye'' he says and peck my checks. 

'' bye'' i couldn't find my voice

'' son when coming make sure you don't bring that leech along.''


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