Must Date the playboy

Chapter Twelve

Anna had never felt so..she didn't have words to describe it but she felt better than a few minutes ago.

"God that was..awesome." Anna breathed.

"Do you feel better?". He asked but a part of him hoped she wasn't so he could touch her again.

"Yeah..a little bit. She said. I can't have sex with you but..I'm dying to. I guess it will really wear off if I do."

"Too bad." He said.

Anna's legs felt like jelly as she helped him straighten his pristine white shirt. "Thank you Andrei. I know it was really hard on you..but I liked it."

"You're welcome. Andrei said. He caressed her face,her lips then down her arms to the underside of her breasts then he couldn't resist massaging them. God,I can suck on these all day Anna. You're perfect." He rasped.

Anna tried not to moan but couldn't help it when Andrei lowered his head and took one nipple in his hot mouth making her cry out and she gripped the back of his head to hold him there.

"Andrei..classes." She managed to remind him.

"Fuck classes. Andrei growled,pulled her closer if it were possible and started grinding against her. I want to bury myself in you so bad Anna." He whispered huskily in her ear and nipped her earlobe.

"We can't. Anna told him. I can't."

Andrei lifted her off the floor and walked over to sit on the bench in the corner. It was dusty but he didn't care and sat anyway making her straddle him and that action caused her to sit right on top of his rock hard erection which made him groan and grind more against her.

"Oh God that feels good." She moaned and threw her head back in pleasure.

She knew she was going to hell for this but at the moment..she didn't give a damn.

"I want out Anna. He said pleadingly as he gripped her hips and moved her faster on him. Please Anna."

"Andrei.." Anna began sounding uncertain.

"I won't make love to you I promise." He said quickly.

Anna hesitated for a second then nodded. "Okay. She finally agreed and got off him. Hurry".

Andrei quickly unbuckled his belt,unzipped then yanked down his pants along with his boxer briefs down his legs.

Anna's eyes widened when she saw how huge he was. He was built big and she was sure that if they were to have sex..she wouldn't be able to take him inside her.

He'd tear her apart before they even started.

She licked her lips surprised that she wasn't disgusted seeing his manhood. They weren't married and that should have made her run for the hills but no..she was dying to touch him.

Whatever was in her drink had made her bold and she wasn't even drunk. What would happen if she were?.

She really didn't want to know.

"You're really something Prince Andrei Sebastiani. She said in a sultry voice as she knelt down in front of him and placed her hands on his thighs. She glanced up from his cock to his face. "May I?".

Andrei let out the breath he didn't realize he'd been holding.

"Yes please." He breathed.

Anna tentatively reached out to touch him and he tensed up but he soon relaxed as her small hand wrapped around him.

"I don't know how to do this." She said shyly.

"I'll teach you. He placed his hand on hers and began to stroke himself. "Anna." He cupped the back of her neck and kissed her.

What Andrei really wanted was to bury himself inside her pussy and fuck her brains out so she wouldn't remember her name but they were in school and she was a friend who needed his help.

He had to take what he could get and what she was giving him,though inexperienced surpassed every other blow job he'd ever gotten from other girls.

Half an hour later they were both dressed properly to return to their classes. Anna checked herself in the mirror and straightened her hair with her fingers. Her lips were swollen and she looked flustered.

Andrei eyed her over as he brushed his hands through his hair then dusted himself off again. He couldn't go to class looking so dirty.

Ah!forget it. He was allowed to look unkempt once in a while.

"Are you okay now?". He asked her.

"Yeah. She nodded and turned around to smile at him.

"Still friends?". He arched a brow.

Anna pulled him towards her with his tie and kissed him passionately before breaking away.

"Friends now." She said.

"Perv." He rolled his eyes and chuckled. I'm glad to be of help."

"This is our little secret." Anna told him.

"You betcha." He grinned.

"I'll go first. Anna walked to the door,unlocked it and checked the hallway before she slipped out.

Andrei beamed at his reflection in the mirror. He let out a sigh of contentment before he turned and walked out of the restroom.

That should last him for a while.

Take that Sera.





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