Must Date the playboy

Chapter Fourteen

Andrei was pissed that he couldn't fuck Sera no matter how she tried to get him hard and oh she really tried but he didn't even get aroused.
It didn't help that he seemed to want only one person and that was Jean Anna Lowan.
"What's wrong babe?. Sera inquired as he sat at the foot of the bed with his head in his hands. Did I do something wrong?".
"No. He shook his head. I'm sorry,I just can't."
"Because of Jean Anna?".
Andrei raised a surprised brow. "Why are you bringing her into this?."
"I know she was the one you almost had sex with." She smirked.
"And you know this how?". His narrowed in suspicion.
Sera inhaled deeply then smiled. "I was the one that drugged her water." She replied looking nonchalant.
"What?!. He rose. Why would you do something like that?she's never done anything to you!hell..I'm sure she's never even said a word to you before."
"It was just for fun. She said airily. She's always acting like nothing can touch her." She huffed.
"Fun. Andrei repeated in disbelief. Fun!do you know she was this close to having sex with me?I really don't know where she got her self control from because I was seconds away from taking her there and then. How could you?!".
"I'm sorry. Sera muttered. But you got to touch her didn't you and that's why you can't touch me because it's her you want."
Andrei paced to and fro. "How did you get her locker combination?".
"Someone else did." She shrugged.
Andrei let out a sigh. "I'm going to keep quiet about this Sera but don't ever try that shit again,do you understand?". He growled.
"Yes but.."
"No buts. Andrei snapped. You don't expect me to thank you you?".
Sera pouted not liking Andrei's tone of voice. "You know Anna would never have let you touch her in a million years right?. She was desperate and you were available."
"She could have asked any other person but she called me. Andrei said. I think she's always wanted it too."
"Don't be so smug now. Sera mocked. It'll never happen again. Will you pine after her still?".
"Shut the fuck up. Andrei snarled. Get out."
Sera got out of bed and put on her clothes. "Well you know where to find me." She picked up her purse,blew him a kiss and sashayed out of the room.
Andrei hated to admit it but he knew Sera was right. She was always right. If not for what happened,he'd never have been able to touch Anna in such manner. Infact it'd only be in his dreams and now that he had a taste of her,he didn't want anyone else and that sucked.
Andrei's phone rang and he dug it out from his trousers lying on the floor. He looked at the name on his screen and arched a brow.
It was Jean Anna. Speak of the devil and she calls.
"Hey." He said.
"Hi. She cleared her throat. Just um..called to thank you for today. I know it was really hard on you."
"Not at all." Andrei said.
"Liar." She said.
"Why would I lie about something like that?". He sounded confused.
"Because you told wanted to do it with me." She muttered.
"Hmmn..true. He agreed. I still want to anyways and you really owe me one."
"Of course. Her voice dripped with sarcasm and she rolled her eyes.
"Don't roll your eyes at me Jean Anna." He growled.
"What?I'm not." She sounded surprised then chuckled.
"You're doing it again." He said.
"You can't see me Andrei. Anna laughed. Except if you're a psychic."
"I can feel it. He grumbled. You owe me big Anna. Like I told you earlier today,you've ruined me for other girls forever."
"Really!that's good to know." Anna said.
"What?how can you say that?. He sounded horrified.
"You need to stay celibate Andrei. She told him calmly. Have you forgotten your body is the temple of God?".
Andrei snorted. "Are you turning preacher on me now Jean Anna?you weren't thinking that when I had my fingers in your..."
"Don't say it." She cut in.
"Pussy. He grinned. Or when I sucked those perfect tits of yours."
"Andrei!!". She screeched.
"Yup. Andrei said. Now are you very wet for me Anna?I'm bloody hard just thinking of you."
"I am going to delete your number right now and don't you ever!talk to me in school again,do you understand?!". She hung up.
Andrei couldn't stop laughing no matter how hard he tried. This was going to be so much fun!.



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