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Chapter Twenty Six

"How much did she pay you?". Andrei inquired.

"Five thousand..your highness." Simeon replied.

They all gasped again in shock and the murmurings got louder.

"Are you happy now bastard?. Damien spat in disgust. You've succeeded in humiliating her."

Andrei looked at Sera and saw that she had tears in her eyes but they weren't sad tears..they were angry tears. He tutted shaking his head.

"This one never feels humiliated." Andrei told him. He looked at Anna. Let's go. Thank you Simeon. He nodded politely to the boy who bowed and stepped back then he turned Anna around with him and they began to walk away when it all happened in slow motion.

There was nothing Andrei could have done to prevent it. Sera dipped her hand in Damien's pocket,took out the pocket knife and flipped it open then with a furious cry,she ran forward making Andrei and Jean Anna turn to see what was wrong but it was only the knife he saw in Sera's hand one minute and the next..blood poured from Anna's neck and mouth and she slumped to the floor.

"Anna!!". Both Andrei and Lucy cried at the same time some people screamed and ran away from the scene.

Andrei took out his hanky and used it to cover her neck area so air won't get in.

"Call for an ambulance quick!". He cried.

Soon teachers appeared wondering what was going on until they saw the scene and then everyone began running helter skelter but Sera and Damien were nowhere to be found.


"What did you say happened to my daughter?!." Anne asked looking hysterical.

She'd been in the children's ward of the hospital when Anna was brought in and word spread like wild fire and it got to her so now she was in the waiting room of the OR with Lucy and Andrei.

Lucy was in tears and couldn't seem to stop crying as she thought about her best friend who was fighting for her life. She couldn't just die like that!.

Andrei sighed. "Serafina had a pocket knife in her hand and she used slit Anna's throat." Andrei's voice broke. was my fault Mrs Lowan..I should've just let the matter go."

"I hope for that girl's sake that nothing happens to my daughter or else..I'll hunt her down and murder her myself." Anne seethed.

Thirty minutes later Justin arrived at the hospital and rushed to the reception looking frantic scaring the nurse.

"My daughter.. Jean Anna Lowan. Where's she?". He demanded.

The nurse checked her computer and found Anna's name. "She's in surgery right now sir."

"And my wife?Dr Lowan?".

"She should be with the Prince."

"Thank you. Justin said and left. 

He got to the OR and met Andrei and Lucy but Anne was not with them.

"Your highness." He bowed.

"Good morning sir." Andrei greeted.

"Morning sir. Lucy croaked out. Her tears had subsided making her eyes very red and puffy.

"Morning Lucy. Justin said. How's Anna?".

Andrei sighed. "Dr Lowan just went to find out. We don't know yet."

"How the hell did it happen?. Justin inquired. Was it an accident?".

Lucy spoke up this time when Andrei didn't say anything. He probably felt the same way she did.

"Princess Serafina slit her throat with a pocket knife in anger."

"What? why?!".

Andrei clenched his fists angrily. "That's what I intend to find out too Mr Lowan. My guards already have her."

Andrei had ordered his bodyguards to look for Serafina anywhere she might be and take her to the palace and lock her up in the dungeon. 

They'd found her with Damien and although he'd tried to resist them,they were stronger and one of them carried Sera away amidst her screaming and kicking.

After waiting forever for news,Anne finally approached them from the OR looking dejected but when she saw her husband,she began to sob and rushed to hug him.

Andrei's heart stopped for a second before it picked up speed thumping madly in his chest already fearing the worst.

He was going to murder Serafina himself..period.

" she okay?". Lucy asked with a shaky voice.

Anne stopped crying and wiped her tears as she turned to look at the two teenagers and smiled faintly.

"She's going to be fine. Anne sniffled. Her..laryngeal nerve was cut and one vocal cord was paralyzed."

"Meaning?". They asked.

"Meaning that...Anna won't have her voice as it was before. Anne said and took a deep shaky breath.

Andrei stared at her in horror. "She won't talk anymore?".

Anne shook her head vehemently. "She'll talk but it won't be the same. She explained. She won't be able to sing like before or have a clear voice."

Andrei relaxed a little."I'll be able to hear her say my name right?".

"Definitely but not for long periods."

"Fuck!. Andrei muttered under his breath.

He couldn't wait to deal with Sera for hurting his Anna. Oh he'd never forgive her for this.




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