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Chapter Twenty Seven

Andrei stepped into Anna's hospital room slowly followed by Lucy but didn't go any further because he felt guilty for what had happened. If only he'd let the matter go then Anna would be in school right now learning..not in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask covering almost half of her face and looking like death itself.

"It's not your fault Andrei. Lucy told him as if reading his thoughts. This was all Sera."

"I made her do it." He rumbled shaking his head.

"You didn't put the knife in her hand. Lucy frowned. Something possessed her and she did it..not you."

Andrei sighed. "Still..Anna is here because of me and I will never forgive myself for this."

Lucy put her hand on his shoulder and rubbed gently. "It happened so fast..I didn't even see it coming. It was so.. She paused and shuddered. I just know I'm never watching horror movies ever again."

Andrei chuckled softly. "True."

Lucy looked towards the bed. "Come on,she's waiting for us. She led him to the bed. Hey Anna."

Andrei drew in a shaky breath as tears threatened to fall but he wouldn't cry..not in front of Lucy or Anna for that matter.

"Hey Anna. He began and placed his hand on hers. I'm sorry..can you find a place in your heart to forgive me?I didn't protect you and..I hate myself for that so I'll understand if you hate me too. He chuckled darkly. If you don't hate me're a fucking saint."

"Language Andrei." Lucy chided but her lips twitched.


They stayed for a few minutes before they left and after they talked to Anna's parents, they left the hospital.

"You need to change your shirt." Lucy said.

His white shirt was stained with Anna's blood when he'd rushed her out to the ambulance before they could bring a stretcher in.

"No it's fine. I want Sera to see what she's done. Andrei said as they got into the car.

The students had been sent home after the incident so the driver drove towards Lucy's house instead.

Lucy made a face. "You won't..kill her right?".

Andrei was silent as he pondered the question then he spoke, "No but she'll wish for death once I'm through with her."

Lucy swallowed and looked out the window not able to look at Andrei anymore. She was already scared for Sera and wouldn't want to be in her shoes right now,not after hearing the promise in Andrei's voice and seeing it in his cold eyes.

In less than forty five minutes,Lucy got home and a bodyguard opened the door for her but she looked back at Andrei and took his hand in hers.

"Don't do something you'll hate yourself for Andrei. Self hate is a bad thing." She told him.

Andrei sent her a small smile. "Take care of yourself Luce."

"You too." She slid out of the car and the guard closed the door. She waited until the cars drove off before she walked to her house and let herself in with the keys.


"I heard what happened to Justin's daughter. Is she okay?". Andrei's father inquired when he walked into the throne room.

"She'll be fine." He replied.

Mitchell looked at his son and saw the blood stains on his shirt.

"Why didn't you change?. What if I had a friend over? you'd walk in looking like this?". King Mitchell asked.

Andrei sent his father a blank stare saying nothing then he turned to leave but his father's next words stopped him cold.

"I sent Serafina home."

Andrei whirled around to stare at him in shock. "Excuse me?you did what?!".

"I sent her home. Mitch repeated with a frown. She was in handcuffs."

Andrei was furious. "Why the hell would you release her?!I ordered the guards to keep her in the dungeon till I get back!".

"Don't raise your voice at me boy!. Mitch warned. I'm the king and I can do whatever I please."

"She slit Anna's throat!. Andrei yelled at him. What if she'd died huh?you'd have released her then too?".

"She didn't die." Mitch sounded nonchalant.

"She almost lost her voice!".

"Almost!. Mitch said. Serafina is a princess and she should be treated as such. If not for my good mood.. I'd have had those guards who detained her beheaded."

Andrei shook his head. "I can't believe this. He muttered. Justin Lowan is not only your employee but your friend!you'll let him down like this?".

Mitch shrugged. "He should report her to the police but I'm not going to humiliate Godwin's daughter just because my son wants me to!. He threw his hands up in the air. Godwin is also my friend."

Tears pooled in Andrei's eyes but didn't let them fall. "I'm very ashamed to be called your son right now. He told Mitchell. Anna is my friend and I'll be damned if I don't get justice for her."

"You won't dare lay a finger on her,do you get me?. Mitch threatened. Or else I won't care if you're my son."

Andrei glared at his father. "Fuck you!". He stormed out of the room.



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