Must Date the playboy

Chapter Twenty Nine

Andrei was still very pissed even after a week of knowing his parents had gone behind his back to arrange his so called marriage.

He'd threatened to burn down the palace if they didn't call off the engagement and he was glad they took him seriously but he also knew how cunning they were.

One thing Mitchell Sebastiani hated was admitting defeat.. especially to his teenage son but Andrei didn't give a damn about what they thought or did. He only cared about Anna who'd miraculously resumed school today despite everything but she wasn't talking yet and it sucked.

Andrei had to learn sign language because apparently Anna was very good at it so he could communicate better with her or else she'd have to write on paper for him to understand what she wanted him to know.

He,Lucy and Anna sat in the cafeteria eating when they heard a ruckus from the jocks table and then they saw Sera trying to order a girl away but the said girl didn't budge.

When she had enough of Sera's attitude,she stood up to get in her face and infact towered over her by two inches so that meant Sera had to look up at her even wearing her high heeled boots.

"And if I don't get lost,what will you do?. The girl demanded. Cut my throat like you did to poor Jean Anna Lowan?".

Everyone started murmuring now focused on the two girls. They hoped a fight would ensue.

"That was a mistake!". Sera bit out.

"You don't say!. Another girl Paula spoke up from another table. You cut the poor girl's throat and ran off with your useless boyfriend."

"Hey!. Damien protested. I won't have you call me names bitch. I'm royalty in case you've forgotten."

"You didn't even apologise to Anna!". Another shouted.

"You just strutted in here like nothing happened."

"We should give her the beating of her life!". Someone cried.

"Yes!!". Many agreed.

"No one will touch my girlfriend!!". Damien bellowed above the din in the cafeteria.

"We'll beat you as well then!!". They replied angrily.

Anna nudged Andrei when she noticed that the students were getting rowdy. He was the only one who could calm them down but he was just watching the show with this indecipherable expression on his face.

"What?". He asked.

"Calm them down." She signed.

"She wants you to calm them down." Lucy interpreted.

Andrei sighed in exasperation. He'd so wanted them to beat Sera up. At least his father would not hold him responsible for it.

"or maybe he will."

"gah!she's such a saint!".

"a sexy as fuck saint."

"Hey!". Andrei bellowed as Anna nudged him again.

Everywhere became silent suddenly when they heard Andrei's voice. Although he was their schoolmate but he was also the crown prince of Mercia and if he told them to jump,they had to ask how high.

"Why are you all acting like barbarians?". He questioned.

"Isn't it the right thing.. your highness?". Paula spoke up. I mean even though I don't know Anna very well,doesn't mean I don't sympathize with her. She's mute now and it's all Serafina's fault!". She pointed an accusing finger at her.


"True. Andrei nodded. I agree with everything you just said but no one is going to lay a finger on her."

Everyone gasped in shock wondering why he was against them beating her up to avenge Anna. It was true then..that he really had feelings for Jean Anna Lowan.

"If anyone so much as spits a nasty word in her direction..I'll have that person or people expelled from Imperial Heights." He threatened them. Am I clear?".

"Yes your highness." They grumbled.

"Good. He said then paused to add, "that's what Anna wants." He waited to see their reactions.

"Oh!!. Some nodded immediately as it occurred to them that though Andrei seemed to be against them dealing with Sera,he really wasn't and it was all because of Anna.

Which meant Sera was still in biig!! trouble.

Sera rushed over to their table and hugged him." Thank you so much Andrei!".

Andrei wanted to fling her arms away but didn't and instead sent her a small fake smile.

"Don't thank me. Thank Anna." He told her.

Sera turned to Anna looking contrite. "I'm so sorry Anna,please forgive me?".

"No!!". Lucy cut in before Anna could do anything. You have no right to ask for forgiveness after almost a month Sera!".

Sera glared venomously at Lucy. "What's it to you fat face?did I ask for your opinion that you're giving it?. She sneered. Get lost."

"Did you just call me fat face?. Lucy asked with barely controlled anger.

"Yes fat Amy. What you gonna do about that?". She mocked Lucy.

Lucy really didn't have any intention of hitting Sera but she found her hand going backwards and then landing flat on Sera's cheek with a satisfying sound that echoed in the cafeteria.

"Woah!!." Everyone exclaimed in shock.

They'd so not expected Lucy Anderson aka virgin mary to do that..but she did!.

Point one for the home team!.

Sera shrieked in surprise as she hadn't expected a lowly person like Lucy Anderson to bitch slap her like that.

"Bitch!". Sera shouted and made to return hers but her hand never reached Lucy's face then she glared at the intruder and her gaze faltered when she saw Andrei's icy ones.

"That would be an epic mistake Sera. He warned her. Anna may have forgiven you but not me..never me so don't push it." He released her hand.

"You'll let her humiliate me like this?". Sera asked him with tears in her eyes.

"It's nothing compared to what everyone else would've done to you. Andrei informed her. Now get out of my sight before I change my mind."

Sera huffed and stormed out of the cafeteria as everyone started to boo her.

"Are you okay Lucy?". Anna signed.

Lucy took a deep breath and let it out. "I feel better now that I've gotten it off my chest." She told her.


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