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Chapter Thirty Four

"Anna have you heard the news?". Lucy asked.

"What news?. She asked. It had been two weeks since the town square incident and no one had seen Andrei in school.

Anna was talking now but her voice was not the same as before. It was husky and unfortunately she couldn't sing very well anymore.

"Andrei overdosed on his painkillers." Lucy told her.

"What?. Anna croaked out. When was this?".

"Yesterday. He was found in his bathtub this morning hardly breathing. Lucy replied.

Anna covered her mouth as tears pooled in her eyes and dropped. "What have they done to him?". She asked amidst tears. I have to see him."

"It's against the rules to leave school for anything except excursions and emergency situations." Lucy reminded her.

"We'll leave. Anna insisted as she dropped her bag inside her locker after taking out her purse then she locked it and they left.

They went to see the principal and told him they wanted to leave school but he refused.

"We're going to visit the prince sir. Anna pleaded. Please Sir."

"I heard what happened to him. Kendricks said. It's really sad."

"We won't stay long..I promise. Lucy said. We'll be back before third period."

"Okay okay. Kendricks sighed giving up. Meet Joanna to give you both passes."

"Thank you very much sir!. The girls beamed and quickly left.

They got to the general hospital,paid the taxi driver and rushed into the hospital. They went to the reception but there was a long line of people and they didn't stand a chance against the adults so Anna took Lucy's hand and led her to the elevator.

She pressed the button for the third floor and the doors closed.

"I hope he's fine Anna. Lucy said looking scared.

"Let's pray for him." Anna suggested.

The doors pinged and opened,they stepped out and hurried to the nurse's station.

"Hi nurse Karin. Anna greeted.

"Hey Anna. Karin smiled. Aren't you supposed to be in school?".

"Uh yes but we're here to see the prince. Anna said. Do you know where my mom is?".

"She's doing her rounds in the children's ward. Karin told her. And the prince just came out of surgery."

"We want to see him." Anna pleaded.

"Ah..the king and queen are with him right now. Karin informed them. No one's allowed to see him except family."

"After what they did to him?". Anna looked furious.

Karin shrugged. "They're his parents."

Anna was angry but she guessed that Karin was right and there was nothing she could do about it.


Anna and Lucy had to leave an hour later because of their promise to principal Kendricks and they still didn't see Andrei which was frustrating.

Andrei opened his eyes slowly but the fluorescent light shine on his face which made him groan and close his eyes.

"Andrei?." Bianca called.

Andrei opened his eyes and looked at his mother with a frown on his face. "Where am I?". He demanded.

"Hospital." She said.

"Why?. His frown deepened.

Bianca looked surprised. "Why what?".

"Why am I in the goddamned hospital?!. He snapped. I took those fucking pills for a reason!."

"What?. Bianca whispered. You wanted to die?".

"No shit sherlock!. Andrei mocked.

"Why would you want to die?!. Bianca asked. Do you know how worried we were thinking we were too late?".

Andrei smirked sardonically at her. "You don't say!". He sneered.

Mitch opened the door entered the room and was surprised to see him awake.

"You're awake. Thank God!".

"What is he doing here?. Andrei questioned. What is he doing here?!."

"Baby..calm down. Bianca said. He's your father."

"Are you kidding me?!. He bellowed. It was because of him I did this to myself!".

The heart monitor started going crazy which made them panic so a guard went to get the doctor who came immediately with a nurse and ordered his parents out of the room.

Andrei continued to thrash around on the bed until he was sedated and he finally slept.

Dr Gomez sighed and left the room and immediately Bianca rushed to meet him very anxious and worried.

"How's he doctor?". She inquired.

"I won't lie to you ma'am. Dr Gomez sighed. He's not fine emotionally."

"What do you mean?. Mitchell frowned. Are you saying my son is mentally unstable?".

"Not mentally unstable. Gomez shook his head. Whatever happened to him affected him emotionally and well he couldn't take it so he tried to take his own life. I suggest he sees a psychiatrist. He tilted his head to the side. If I may ask your highness..what prompted you to discipline him that way?".

"Ever since the queen and I returned from our trip,he's been aggressive towards us like we're his enemies. Mitch said. He doesn't respect us as his parents or even as his king and queen so I thought I'd reach him a lesson." He shrugged.

"Anyway..he's been sedated heavily so he's going to sleep for hours. It's best if you go home and rest."

"I guess you're right. Mitch agreed.

"And more thing sire..the prince was calling out a name earlier. Gomez told them. Anna." He looked at the two of them for clarification.

"Jean Anna Lowan. Bianca said. We'll send for her."

"Alright." Gomez nodded.

Mitchell and Bianca left the hospital looking dejected but no one said a word because what could they say?. They'd destroyed their son all by themselves so they had to deal with the consequences of their actions.


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