Must Date the playboy

Chapter Forty Eight

Two years ago....

"Hey Damien." Sera said. You busy?".

"No babe. I'm at the palace. What's up?". Damien replied.

"Well..I was wondering if you could come keep me company?". Sera asked in a small voice. I'm lonely."

"Okay. I'll be there in twenty minutes." Damien told her.

"I'm waiting." She sent him a kiss and hung up.

Someone tapped Damien on the back and he turned around. It was one of his friends Benedict.

"Theo's waiting."

"Okay. I'll let him know. Damien said and went in search of Andrei. He found Andrei talking to Scott and walked over to them.

"Time?". Andrei asked.

"Yeah. I have to leave for Sera's place so I'll take you." Damien told him.

"Give me five minutes." Andrei rushed off.

Damien sent his driver a message to start the car as he waited for Andrei but he wasn't long.

"This is all you're taking?". Damien eyed Andrei's backpack.

"Yeah. Let's go."

They were able to get to the waiting car undetected and Andrei got into the trunk of the car shocking Damien who wisely shut his mouth and told the driver to move.

Andrei felt the car stop and then he got out of the trunk only when he heard Damien tell him they'd arrived at Anna's house.

"Thank you so much for this D,I'll never forget this."

"What are brothers for?". Damien gave him a side hug and patted his back. Good luck and bye."

Andrei sent him a mock salute and went around the house to Anna's window. He couldn't hear any noise so he guessed that her parents were probably asleep.

"Anna!". He whispered. Open up." He knocked on the window pane.

She opened the window and smiled at him before she bent to carry her luggage and passed it to him.

"Whew!this is heavy." He remarked jokingly. You put rocks in it too?".

"Shut up. Anna grumbled,lifted one leg over the window sill and then the other before she jumped down careful not to make a sound. She turned back to stare longingly at her room one more time before she shut the window and they left.

They found Theodore's car some distance away and got in, immediately he started the car and drove away from there at a break neck speed.

"I'll repay you for this...some time in future." Andrei told Theo.

Theo chuckled and shook his head. "I appreciate it but Damien's already paid me. He said. Even if he didn't..I'd still do this for you. You're a cool dude."

"Thanks anyway."

They got to the airport in record time and rushed in to check in since the plane was boarding soon.

"Andrei!". Jared called when he spotted them and rushed over to meet them.

"Are you sure you want to do this with us Jared?". Andrei asked him.

"I'm sure. Jared nodded. I have no one I'm leaving behind so it's as well."

"Okay. Let's do this." Andrei blew out his breath and together they walked over to the check in counter.

It wasn't hard to live in Spain, especially when you have a lot of money. Andrei had saved up a lot of money that could last them for years if they decided to stay in Spain and he exchanged the cash for Spain's currency and they were able to get a decent apartment but Jared chose to live next door to them wanting to give them their privacy.

They had to change their names and all that so they had some problems with school transfer but money talks and they were able to graduate from high school and get into college.

~Present time~

"Anna." Andrei shook her gently. Babe wake up."

Anna swatted his hand away and turned to the other side. "Go away." She groaned sleepily.

"I would go away but we have to go to school. Remember we have two papers left to write?". Andrei reminded her.

"Five more minutes." She pleaded.

Andrei sighed,stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to get her bath water ready then he went back to the room and found her still sleeping.

The sheets had moved down to her waist and she was naked just like he'd been a few hours ago but he wanted to have her again and again and again till he collapsed from exhaustion.

Ever since he and Anna had gone all the way last year on their birthday,they couldn't keep their hands off each other and it really didn't help that they were living in the same apartment,had the same classes and practically did everything else together because they were both each other's bestie here in Spain so they always had time for each other.

Andrei thought about disgusting things to calm himself down and finally settled on the time he'd barged into his parents room one afternoon so many years ago and caught them doing the dirty without even covering up.

He shuddered visibly hating the fact that he could still bring that up after all these years but was satisfied when he realized that he wasn't sporting a hard on anymore and he lifted Anna up in his arms without warning carrying her straight to the bathroom.

"Hey!I was sleeping!". She protested.

"Not anymore sweetie. He dropped her in the tub and began to bathe her which she always enjoyed.

Ten minutes later she was clean and out of the tub with a towel wrapped around her then he led her back to the bedroom.

"I've booked an appointment with Dr Luther. Andrei informed her.

"Why?I'm not sick." Anna frowned.

"I don't want to take any chances Anna. Andrei said with a note of finality. You don't eat and when you do comes back up. Remember your mom wants to video chat with you today yeah?I don't want her thinking I don't take care of you."

Anna sighed deeply. "Okay. She agreed. What time?".

"By 2.". Andrei replied.

"Will you go with me?". She asked hopefully.

"Of course." Andrei said.



So...two years later huh?

Andrei has practically forgotten about home at this point except when he calls Damien and that is like..every three months?.


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