Must Date the playboy

Chapter Fifty

Months later....

Anna sat in front of the TV in the living room munching on popcorn as she watched a very interesting movie on Netflix.

Ever since she got pregnant,Andrei didn't let her do anything at all. She'd sit in front of the TV with her phone and remote control close to her sometimes because she was now very huge and couldn't see in front of her anymore or she'd be in bed eating crackers or whatever else she wanted while Andrei slaved away. She'd also stopped attending classes and now did online courses.

She couldn't forget the day her mother found out she was pregnant and she was carrying four babies in her stomach,her mother went into doctor mode asking her questions about her health and when was the last time she saw her doctor then her mother suddenly said, "I'm coming to Spain."

"What?!No mom,there's no need for you to travel all the way here. Anna said. If you come..well queen Bianca would get suspicious and Andrei's not ready to face his parents yet."

"It's been two years,make that three actually." Anne said.

"I'll be fine,I promise you mom." Anna said.

"Four babies Anna!. Anne repeated in awe. Andrei's really strong."

Anna laughed. "Yeah."

"You're sure you're ok?. Anne asked again.

"I'm very fine. Andrei's put me on bed rest till I give birth. Says he's not taking any chances." She rolled her eyes.

"That's my boy. Anne said. Your father was exactly the same way when I was pregnant with you. Those were fun moments. She sighed wistfully. I have to go baby,take care of yourself and call me if you have any questions okay?".

"Yes Mom. Anna said. Love you Mom."

"Love you too sweetie. Anne sent her kisses and hung up.

Five hours later Anna started feeling pains in her stomach as she stood in front of the sink washing her hands after using the toilet. She'd been having contractions since yesterday but they weren't as strong as this.

Some minutes later it passed and she was able to relax that Andrei didn't notice anything.

"Hey you okay babe?. Andrei asked looking up from his laptop as she tossed and turned on the bed.

"My back hurts. Anna groaned.

"Should I rub it for you?."

"If it'll help. Anna said.

Andrei put his laptop away and started to help her massage her back gently but she was still in pain and then all of a sudden she grabbed his wrist and squeezed so tight,he was scared she'd crush it.

"How far along is it?". He asked.

Anna opened her mouth to answer but no word came out except a pained squeak and then she was breathing in and out and squeaking again.

Andrei quickly put on his jeans and shirt,dialed doctor Luther's number and when she picked up he told her that Anna was in labor.

"Has her water broken?". Dr Luther asked.

"No not yet."

"There's still time then but bring her to the hospital."

"Okay. Andrei said and hung up then called Jared. It's time."

"I'll bring the car around." Jared said.

In the process of changing clothes for Anna,her water broke which caused Andrei to panic. He slung the baby bag over his shoulder then lifted her up in his arms and carried her out to the car.

Jared drove them to the hospital and soon Anna was wheeled to a room where she'd stay until it was time.

Hours felt like years to Andrei as he petted Anna and fed her ice chips and of course she was cranky and sweaty and she cussed him out making him laugh because he knew she didn't mean anything by it.

Finally Anna gave birth to their children;two boys and two girls. Tears pooled in Andrei's eyes when he saw his children. He couldn't believe he was the father of four gorgeous babies.

"They're so beautiful. Anna said in awe as she played with the one of the babies toes.

"Yeah they are. Andrei agreed. He took out his phone and took a picture of the babies and Anna and sent it to Lucy,Anna's parents,Scott and Damien.


"Oh my God Anna, they're so cute!. Lucy cooed. They were on video call.

"Aren't they?". They're angels. They never cry."

"I wish I'm there with you right now. Lucy pouted. I miss you Anna."

"I miss you too Luce. Anna told her. Where's Scott?".

"He went to the library. Lucy replied. What about Andrei?".

"He went home to change and bring me stuff. Anna said. I had to force him to go home and rest for a while. Jared's wife is here with me."

"I'll bet he's very happy about the babies. Lucy smiled.

Anna chuckled. "He was like a kid high on sugar when they were born. I think he took a hundred pictures of them."

"Perks of being a new dad. Lucy said. So tell me."


"Are you guys planning to come home soon?. Lucy asked. I mean..Andrei's father is sick so.."

"What do you mean Andrei's father is sick?". Anna cut her off.

"Oops." Lucy's eyes widened at her slip.


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