My Perfect Idiot

2. Again!!!!

          After that incident, I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I couldn’t forget what that idiot has done. I was eagerly waiting for the next day so that I can tell my dad that I really hate that guy and I don’t want to get married to him.

         The next day, by the time I woke up my parents had already left for the office. So I just got up and got ready for my daily activities.

          It has been a week since this incident happened. But there is no news about him. “How can he be like that? He neither called nor texted me! He should at least apologize right!!! Okay fine.. maybe even he is scared about the incident. Maybe he did such a thing unknowingly.”

         Many thoughts were revolving around my head. I only thought about punching his face if I ever happen to meet him in the future.

          After around ten days, when my parents came back from the office, my mom said, “Satya aunty called me in the afternoon. She said that they liked you a lot. What do you think about Abhijeet? As for me and your dad, we liked this match very much. What do you say? Shall we proceed further?” I just stayed calm and didn’t say anything.

          After dinner, my dad came into my room with a bowl of ice cream. I happily started having it and then he said, “What do you think about Abhijeet? I inquired about him. He is a really good guy. And as for their family, I can assure you that you will be as happy as you are now. I will be really happy if you get married to him. But if at all you really don’t want it to happen, just let me know. I will not do anything against your will” and he left.

          “What happened to me? That night I was really irritated and wanted to yell at my parents regarding that match. But why am I not able to say anything now?!!”

          I love my dad a lot. I can’t say no to whatever he says. I like whatever he does for me. He thinks a lot about everything and only then he decides. I believe in my dad’s decision as I know that is only for my good. “But why does he like that guy?! Is he really a nice fellow? Did I misunderstand him? Is he the one for me?! What should I do now?” these were the thoughts that filled my mind.

          After few days, the day has come…. “tomorrow is my engagement with that idiot. I never spoke to him. In fact I didn’t even meet him after that day. And now I’m going to get engaged to him… what do I do!!!”. I slept that night with deep thoughts in my head.

          Today is my engagement. We started to the function hall with a few of my friends and family members. On the way to the hall, I can see that my dad is very happy and is talking with my relatives. But my mom is speaking to that guy on phone. Finally, we reached the function hall. That guy came near the car smiling at my mom. He didn’t even greet me. He was talking to and smiling at everyone except me. “this is too much! He didn’t even look at me… then why does he want to get married to me?? What does he think of himself?? That’s it… I will never ever talk to him…” this is what I’ve been thinking during the whole ceremony.

          At 7 pm, the ceremony has started and we exchanged the rings. Our marriage date has been fixed for the next week. “What am I really doing!! Do I really want to get married to this guy?!!! What do I do now!” I was eagerly waiting for the ceremony to end quickly so that I can go home. I really wanted to leave that place.

          Finally, the ceremony has ended and we started walking towards the parking. I was behind everyone and was walking slowly as I was wearing heavy jewellery and lehenga and I was unable to carry it properly. Suddenly someone grabbed my hand and forcefully pulled me towards him. I got scared and was about to scream. He closed my mouth with his hand and was staring at me. Since it was dark at that time I couldn’t properly recognize him at once. But then I can see that it was that guy. “What !! Is that really him?!! He didn’t even greet me before. What does he want now?!! Maybe he is scared of his parents and will ask me to cancel the wedding.!!”.

          While I was thinking about all this in my mind, he looked around and made sure that no one was watching us. With teary eyes he said, “Hi!! I couldn’t resist you at all and that’s the reason I’ve been keeping my distance from you. Or else you will get scared like how you were during our first meeting. But I can’t stop myself anymore” and kissed on my cheek and went inside.

          “Again!!!!! What does he think of himself!!! He kissed me again!!!!.... SUCH AN IDIOT”.


Dr Raj

Edited: 17.01.2021

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