My Pervert Boss


Robin look up from the desktop in front of him as they entered the room, glancing once at them he turn his face back to his work giving it his full concentration, Gracie stare at him for a moment he’s the same person and he’s the like the president here, she thought the Boss will be a much older person, she waited alongside with Mr. Waltz till he has the time to look up at them 
“This is the newly employed secretary sir” Mr. Waltz said and motion to her to step forward since she was standing behind him, Gracie move forward and raise her head to meet him, he wasn’t giving her the looks this time rather he let his eyes settle on the business in front of him without saying anything than nodding his head they waited another seconds and he stretch out an hardback to her and Gracie hesitated for a second before collecting it from him she look at what it was and it was like some kind of schedule she look up at him not understanding 
“If you don’t understand anything there, Mr. Waltz will explain” he said and Gracie nodded he told them if they don’t have anything left they could leave and they both exit the office, outside the office Gracie decide to ask question that has been bothering her for the past ten minutes
“So, that’s the Boss the owner of TECH?” she asked 
“Yes, am sure you already met him once before during your interview for the job” 
“But why would the Boss interview the new recruitment, shouldn’t that job be left for other employees” 
“Well, the Boss is a really hardworking man and can be said to be a workaholic, he doesn’t let things that goes on in the company pass him by not even the smallest thing”
Gracie nodded her head at his explanation, who would have guess he’s the boss she had thought he’s just one of the high employees, but today why didn’t he look at her like he did days ago although she never liked it then but just now when he didn’t spare her a glance when talking to her she felt…well the important thing is she’s now surprising his secretary who needs to work with him for as long as she could own the job.
After going through a lot of things like studying his schedule, learning his dos and don’ts she was finally free to leave and told to resume back an hour before others, not sure if she’s up for the job Gracie went back home with thoughts on whether she’s going to accept the offer or not judging from what she was told she’s not sure if she could take up such important task all she wanted was a simple job enough to feed her and pay her bills.
Gracie got home a little late in the afternoon and as usual she spend her time in the kitchen cooking dishes while she awaits Teresa’s return from work. When Teresa got back from work they both had a discussion about her new job which Teresa was happy about 
“This is a good opportunity Gracie, do you have any idea how hard is it to get such good job working as a secretary for a multibillion company, you shouldn’t let this opportunity slip away you do everything to grasp unto it” Teresa advised
“But am not sure if I could do such task you know am not really good at managing things what if I mess up?” she asked worried
“Are you kidding me girl? So you won’t take up the job then, come on you know you need a job badly and this could be a breakthrough for us besides how hard could this job be” she persuade
“am not sure but what if he had an hidden motive for hiring me as his secretary, the first time we met he was giving me creeping looks and now he’s made me his secretary…”
“Please Gracie stop overthinking everything, he just probably finds you eligible for the job…well maybe not” she said after a thoughtful thinking
“My results weren’t the best neither is my C.V and I didn’t even apply for the position of a secretary, my final interview was no interview yet I was offered to work as his secretary, doesn’t that…”
“Am sure it’s just pure luck and besides the boss of your company taking an interest in you couldn’t be a bad thing” Teresa said with a shrug 
Gracie sigh and decide not to think too much of the situation, just like Teresa said it might be pure luck and Gracie hope that luck doesn’t run out, she decided to do some study before she finally begin work the next day.
Unlike the normal days Gracie woke up very early to prepare for work it was a bit tiring for her since most time she sleeps in till she feels too hungry and decide to get breakfast, she quickly take her bath and prepare an outfit for her first official day at work she decide on a yellow dress with a white purse to match, with her heels on she quickly find her way out of the house careful not to wake Teresa from her sweet sleep.
Once out of the house her eyes search for the cab she already called to take her to work sighting the car from a distance she walk to it just as she was about to get into the car and phone beep to alert her of a new message she  brought out her phone to check it content
“Go over to the Boss house, the address is sent below” she sigh and inform the driver of the change of destination, yesterday during the training there was not anything about her going over to his house she enter the car checking the schedule she was given, she make herself pre occupied with the schedule thing and didn’t realize they were at the supposed address the driver inform her they already arrived and she paid her bill 
“Should I wait for you ma’am?” the cab driver asked and Gracie thought for a minute, she wasn’t sure what she’s going to do there and how long she’s going to stay, keeping a cab waiting for a long time will cost her much money than she budget for 
“No need to wait thanks for the ride” she said and made her way into the house, it was painted in creamy colour with a magnificent look Gracie stare at the building before walking in she got in without meeting anyone on the way she look around not sure if she was going to the right way the house looks so big and she wondered if she was in the right part of it.
“You are here” she heard a voice said and turn to see who it was, seeing it’s him she stare for a moment not sure what to do, he was putting just a shirt with no suit his sleeves were roll up revealing the muscular arms he doesn’t look ready for work yet 
“Come with me” he said and walk towards the opposite direction, Gracie quickly follow after him her heels following her they got to a room more like an office 
“Am going to work here for a while before leaving to the office” he said and settle down on his seat, Gracie stood not sure what to do next she look at him waiting for his instruction 
“Are you going to work while standing?” he asked raising his head up from his work, Gracie shook her head and took a seat a bit far from him she drop her purse on the table ready for whatever work she would be given, she waited for minutes and he seems to ignore her with his head down to the work in front for him, Gracie sat down feeling a bit uncomfortable sitting and doing nothing than playing with her fingers she remembered one of the things he detest was being disturbed while working she look around for a moment turning her head around gazing at nothing in particular 
“If you are done looking come over here” he said and Gracie stood up immediately and walk to him inches away from him she waited for him to tell her what to do, he stood up from his seat and move a bit closer to her
“Get me information on this make sure it well detailed” he said and handed her some documents, Gracie walk back to her seat she made to sit down but his voice halt her action
“Are you going to do that sitting there?” he asked and Gracie look at him confused, he turn his gaze to a side of the room and Gracie saw a seat with a table and a laptop placed on it 
“Oh” she let out and made her way there walking pass him, although she wasn’t looking forward to it but he has hardly spare her a gaze since she arrive, well she wouldn’t say she like his gaze on her but then being ignored by him isn’t something she want either she sat down focusing on the task she was giving after working for sometimes she look up to see what he was doing and found him staring right at her with a fixed look, her heart skip a beat and she quickly turn her gaze down she wasn’t expecting him to be watching her she tried looking up again to see if he wasn’t looking anymore raising her head up as slowly as she could, her gaze met with his and she stare back for seconds before finally withdrawing her gaze she decide to focus back on what she was doing but it was a bit difficult knowing he has his eyes on her.
Still trying to work she found some of the task difficult to understand she wondered if she should ask him about it or not but as if he knew what she was thinking he came over to meet her and sat down on the armchair he bent forward and put his hands on hers on the keyboard, Gracie quickly withdraw her hands back trying to move away but got trapped when he placed his right arm over her back for support drawing them more closer with no choice she waited for him to be done he keep pressing on the keyboards while Gracie eyes divert to his face observing them and for the first time she notice how beautiful his eyelashes are they look a bit longer than she thought watching him blink them as he type away made a smile flickered across her face she felt her hands move up and she quickly control herself from feeling his face with her hands.
The entrance of a third party made Gracie look away from his face and regain her consciousness back to the present she wanted to stand up but got push back by him forcing her to sit without a space to move her body except from towards him 
“stop moving am getting distracted” he said authoritatively and Gracie instantly stay still making sure not to make another movement the person who came in drop a large glass box on the table not far from them and left almost immediately 
Gracie felt something move on her and shook it off she wasn’t sure what it was but she felt it was her body playing a trick on her she felt some movement on her body again and struggle to have a look at what it is careful not to disturb him seeing that she couldn’t move body to check she made a sound of clearing her throat to hint him but he doesn’t seems to get her signal or maybe he was pretending not to, not able to bear it she forcefully move her body pushing him slightly away from herself not minding the consequence she look down to check whatever it is that has been caressing her legs she though it was a kind of fly and shoo it off she thought of how possible it is for a fly to be inside the room she turn back to apologize for her action but pause when she saw his gaze now on her chest… maybe not her chest but her… Gracie trail his gaze with her eyes trying to figure out what he keep staring at, her gaze landed on the giant spider just a little lower from her shoulder, her eyes widened out in total shock she screamed in fright and shook the spider off her expression reading horror without much thinking she jump on him clinging unto him with her hands wrap around his neck very tightly she press more on her hold letting out a yelp, caught off-guard Robin tried not to fall back and quickly held her body for support his hands grab her waist and he pull at them not sure where else he could hold since her body was still on his, she raised her legs up not allowing them stay on the floor, gaining his stand


Edited: 17.01.2021

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