My Wife, My Mafia Queen.


"Can someone said to me where the hell is Fall?!"  

Everyone gasped as she angry yelled at them.  

Luxury Erisha Monteza the not typical queen of the Monteza clan. The devil, the heartless, the cold queen and heir of Monteza Airlines. You can't describe her in good ways because it's not her. No one dare call her in her first name because you will wake up with a bullet on your head.  You call her queen, no less. 

She's the only child of  Xurious Monteza her father and  Lucy Monteza her mother. Her parents died in a plane crash a year ago that made all people who surrounds the queen miserable, a life miserable. It gotten worst when she knew the dirty secret

30 years of age, but her beauty tells the opposite. She looks young and that's for sure, she's the currently heir of handling the Monteza Airlines, but she's not totally. 

Her father left a note to their lawyer, like he already knew what will happened to them. Their death is a mysterious case, they suspected there's a person behind the plane crash. In the note it said there Luxury will only be the CEO and the owner of the airline if she will marry someone. 

" I wanted to burn that f*cking note with the lawyer too and the people who already read that note!" Luxury said in the hallway that made the maids and guards startled.

Her house is like mansion it's big and every surrounding, every corner you will see guards standing and maids too. The mansion is not open window, the queen wants it to be closed everytime she will stay at her family mansion. 

"Queenie!!!" someone yelled at the door. That made the queen eyebrow raise as it's anger her, she turn around with the gun in her hand and pointed at the guy. 

That made the guy step back a little and raise his both hands as a sign of he means no harm. "Whoa, easy queenie, I came no harm."he explained.

The queen put her gun down onto her table. "One more queenie of yours, I'll rip your mouth using my bear hands." she said.

The guy gulped. "Sorry, queen. Anyways where are my favorite seasons?" he changed the topic and looked around. 

The queen turned around and play her gun. "Getting my groom." she simply said. 

The guy make an ooh sound. "And I didn't recieved any wedding invitation? And who's the guy?" he asked

The queen shrugged. "The one who took away your main spotlight." 

The guy clenched his jaw as he remembered that night. He supposed to kill that man but it's nowhere to be found. He didn't know that the queen bid the man, he's too angry that night to care so he didn't respond quickly.

"Cuevas!" he yelled and a man in his 20's run towards the guy. 

"Get the gun, loaded it with millions of bullet." 

He surely wants to kill tha guy who stole his spotlight. Clark Monteza, one of the cousin of the queen. He's know for being a tycoon business man. He surely owned everything that he wanted to own, in just a snap of his finger. They believed the Monteza's old saying 'What the world have, Monteza's will mark it.' 

The man nodded he turned his back but before he reached the door. 

"After you get it make sure your head is still connected onto your body, Cuevas." the queen said. 

Cuevas stopped him to walked and face the queen who's now smirking at him. Cuevas gulped and look at Clark who's angrily facing the queen. 

"Go now, Cuevas!" Clark said. 

Cuevas looked at the queen again and the queen just smirked at him. "Yeah, go now Cuevas. And I'll make sure that your bloodline will vanish in this world. So yeah go now Cuevas." 

Cuevas gulped hard. And he repeatedly looked at Clark and go back to queen again. 

It always happened for him. When Clark and the queen are fighting because of things like this, Qsometimes the queen will come in the way of Clark to get what he wants that made them to fight like this. And because of that Cuevas will always be in miserable state because of them. 

He worked at the Monteza since he was seven years old. His father and mother are loyal to Monteza because the Monteza clan help them all the way. They're the one who make Cuevas life happy and luxurious-in outside world, but his life is quiet thrilled and horror in the inside. 

"Queen, Mr. Clark, can you please discussed this first? Before you jumped into actions, can you?" he confidently said. 

"Oh come on, Cuevas! I didn't know that you grown up whining! You just do my orders and that's it!" Clark said. 

"Shut the f*ck up, Clark! You're the one who is whining! F*cking crying baby!" and they began to fight.

Cuevas slowly walk away to the room and hurriedly closed the door. He alwayd doing that when the queen and Clark fighting he will just slowly and secretly walked out and left them. Because it will be a bloody messed if he still there. 

"He's my husband-to-be Clark, so you better back the f*cking off! You understand that f*cking Monteza?!" she yelled at him. 

"But I'm your cousin! I can get you another groom, queen." 

The queen smirk. "There's no time to that, Clark. I don't have much time." 

Clark face turned dark after he realized something. "Is the organization involved with this?" 

"They will assassinate the mafia queen, if there's no king."

Luxury Erisha is known for being the mafia queen of the dark world. They do illegal stuffs and breaking the law of the government in anyway possible and the best option, is killing people who's on their f*cking way. 

The Monteza clan are the one who handled the dark organization and now they're the one who reigns in that organization. Everyone in that organization wants the queen positon but they don't dare to take it away from her face to face, they always back stabbing  her on the back in short playing dirty tricks for the queen to stoop down. 

Dark world created the bloody table, wherein there are 10 member of it, who are well know in the dark society. They are the most powerful mafia boss in the world. Beside the note of the queen father, the bloody table have a rule that if the queen reach the 30's she must have a king on her side to secure her legacy, the Monteza legacy.


Edited: 29.12.2020

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