My Wife, My Mafia Queen.


"WHAT?! Just f*cking sign this and we're done!" she yelled at me.

Damn it woman!

"Ma'am, I can't marry you! I just can't" stammering in my words

I looked away and keep my heads low. I'm scared because any minute she can kill me. She's heartless and I don't even know why I'm here. I was just dragged by those girls beside me.

I strongly turned around and walk towards the door, but I stopped when I heard the pulling of the guns of the people here in this room. 

I'm a more good looking guy to face this things! 

I felt a cold thing in the back of my head, don't tell me there's a--- as soon as I turned around I saw the beautiful lady holding a gold gun and pointing at my forehead now.

How can  a beautiful woman can be this heartless?!

She smirked at me that made me gulped. Her eyes looks dangerous and her postures is so f*cking perfect. Damn I'm starting to think I want to accept her offer but, I don't want her world, to be part of it!

"Choose. You'll marry me and sign those f*cking papers or leave this goddamn room with a bullet on your head?" 

"Fine! I'll marry you! Just don't kill me!" 



"Already? I didn't ask."

I startled and quickly open my eyes. 

I saw her smirking at me and seat beside me, that made me look around. There's no one here, just a plain room, shit it's just a dream.  A scary dream. For the second there I thought I'll be married just to save my life rather to be married because of love. That is the first time I dreamed a wedding---technically vows and gun my wedding would be.

But the crazy thing is I'm marrying a woman with a gold gun in that dream!

And that woman is sitting beside me. My eyes widened and hurriedly stand up after I remembered what happened to me earlier. They kidnapped me for pete's sake!  I distance myself to her and she smirked at me again. 

"You're back to your senses now. I don't know it's a good thing or not but oh well, it's better this way than seeing you screaming in your nightmare." she said

"What do you want from me, ma'am?" I asked 

Please don't tell me that dream was bound to help?! This is not happening to me, but why me all of a sudden? 

"You already know what I want from you, Mr. Nides."

She wants me to marry her? 

"You want to be married with me." she shake her head. She stand up and shrugged at me. "No, We're already married." 

It's like a bomb exploded right through my face. How can I be married? How can I f*cking married?! Without any of my consent?! 

"H-how?" I'm out of words.

I can't find any words that will describe my emotion right now! Am I married? But how? I'm married to the only heir of Monteza Airlines? How can I not know about this? My life will change bit by bit if that really happened. Am I supposed to be happy? 

Now I remember what that lady told me earlier. She's the one who escorted me that night, the night that Ms. Monteza bidded me for a billion dollars. No other than Ms. Luxury Erisha Monteza the one who bought me that night. 

She walks towards the drawer and she wave at me a paper. "You signed the marriage paper. That made you my husband for a few weeks now." she boringly said and handed me the paper. "And now my clan wants to meet you. So I technically kidnapped you to make this marriage of mine be legal to them and be known that I'm not a single woman anymore." 

I realize that she's already drinking a glass of wine. And I realize she's a wearing a white dress with a black jacket and a killing red high heels. I shake my head and focus to the papers that I'm reading right now. 

She's right my signature is a proof. I really signed this paper, but how? 

"How this can be happened? You set me up do you? Look this is scam, I can't even remember signing this damn paper of yours! Are you joking at me right now?! To break it to you, this is not a good joke! I need to get outta here, my mom waits me." I said 

She drink her wine before giving me a glimpse. "No one talks to me that way, Mr. Yuro. Do you want me to cut off your f*cking tounge?" and give me a devilish look that made me gulped very hard. She poured another drink on her glass. "And of course, I can't do that I don't want to be an early widow wife. Look, that paper will last a year only. You signed that paper when you' were drunk and of course me without me noticing it." she said


 She sighed. "Well when you vanished in the next morning. I go back to the hotel to check something and I saw that papers in the bed of our room and you already signed it. I review the cam of our room."

"There was a f*cking camera in that room?!" 

She shrugged. "You know souvenir" and winked at me. "Anyways, when I'm in my deep sleep you sign those papers. And I don't even know why and when you left my grandpa saw that paper. And the rest is history." she said and she drink again. 

"Can you stop drinking? It's like 7 am in the morning but you're drinking a f*cking wine." I hissed. 

"Believe me Yuro, it's better to drink wine than slicing you into million pieces. Damn I can't believe that I'm lowering my temper for you."  I didn't quiet hear the last sentence. 

I shake my head. "Then lets get a divorce paper." I said and turn my back. 

This is already messed up and I'm possibly think right now its to get a divorce paper. Even though this certificate is legal or not, I can;t be married yet. This is not my plan. This is not the way I want to be married. Not this kinda thing. 

Sure, married to a Monteza is a dream come true because you already have that power and a stack of money under your feet. I need to find myself first before jumping to a marriage.


Edited: 29.12.2020

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