My Wife, My Mafia Queen.


"Well, what do we have here? An odd looking ugly turkey? Anyone, who wants a turkey for lunch?" I raise my hand and the seasons too. 

I looked at the lady who's busy snuggling to Yuro's neck, while Yuro is trying to push her. 

"Get your fucking ass off my property." 

Yuro startled as the lady looked at me. I just smirk to her that made her get off hugging Yuro. 

I looked at the place where we at and good thing there's no person on the 2nd floor of this salad place. The salad place looks modern with a glass mirror or wall of this place. They have fancy tables, a food stall on the center that's where the customer can pick whatever food they want. 

Turn my gaze to lady again. Looking at her makes me wanna puke. She has a fucking awful taste of dress. And her make up is sucks. 

"Excuse me? Are you talking to me?" She angrily said. 

"No. I don't own an ugly looking duck." 

Heard the seasons laughing. I just rolled my eyes to this lady, who's now looking piss off at me. I turn my gaze to Yuro that is now looking at me and he's shaking his head while smiling. I just smirked at him.

The lady started walking towards me, her hand rises that a sign of slapping me it didn't landed to my face. It landed to Yuro who's now infront of me. 

I heard the sound of the guns that triggered behind my back. I know the seasons are being protective now, I looked at them.

"Stay down." I mouthed to them. 

Spring nodded and the seasons hide their guns. 

Seasons is always attentive when it comes to threats. They leave their foolishness behind when it comes threatening their Queen which is me. Seasons well trained not just to fool around when it comes to me. 

They not taking jokes nor small threats when it comes to my safety.

"Let's talk outside." he said and grab the wrist of the girl, the lady looked at me and give me a death glare. Yuor turn around to me, and he just passes at my side without saying anything. 

I just shrugged. 

"Fall, follow them. Make sure of Yuro's safety." I said without looking back.  

I sat down to the seat. While, the other seasons just stood up while looking at me. I looked at them, "Spring, go to kitchen and tell what foods are we getting. I don't like to eat foods that is not newly cooked. Summer and Winter you may seats." I just said and look outside. 

Heard the chairs make noise beside my table. This place has the vibe of outside the city. 

I looked up to the sky and I sighed. "The sky is mad." I murmured. 





"Cassiopeia, you're not even talking to me." Heard Yuro again while I'm eating. 

He's been talking fifteen fucking minutes now! Can't I just have a lunch in peace?! Gosh he's fucking annoying

Yuro had a 10 minutes talked with that lady, I mean he can just shoo her fucking way but no he spent 10 minutes with her! I'm not jealous about that, he came back and he always saying that he's sorry of what happened, he asked me of I'm okay with it and I just nodded.

But after that he always asking me some ridiculously question that answerable by yes or no, so I answered it by yes or no! So what he's now nagging about?! 

"Queen, talk to me. Don't give me cold shoulder." that made me stop slicing the meat on my plate. I looked at him and give him death glare. 

I change my mind I want meat for lunch--basically steak. Luckily, the owner of this salad palace is under by me, I have the rights comandded the chef what I want to eat even if its out of the menu.

"Can you stop nagging and simply eat? I want to eat peacefully, so if you don't mind." I irritatedly said. 

I'm not fucking angry about what just happened earlier and I don't mind at all. It's not business after all and not edible so why do I have a fucking care? 

I know for the fact that the seasons are watching us amd making a teasingly jokes for us, I just don't fucking care right now. I just want peacefully to eat, just to eat. 

Food is all that matters to me--well of course with my position, my company, my throne in dark society and of course fucking justice--no.murdering the people.whi behind my parents death. 

And oh of course the head of Agenor's clan. 

Why do I fucking hate that old man? Well, first of all my grandpa doesn't like him so as a granddaughter to my grandpa I needed to dislike him too. Second, I hate his dirty family, them with their dirty actions but my action is more dirtier than them. And lastly, the fact they've killed my parents that made me loath them and wants their head. 

"Queen, I do mind."  

I heavily sighed.  "You make me hate to have a lunch with you, Yuro. Starting tomorrow, I will not join you for lunch. I hate it when someone fucking annoying when I'm eating." I said and go back eating.

Well the last time we had lunch together after we got married and he started to be annoying and now it is the second time he goes like this, such a war freak. I made that excuse when it was the first time but this is the second and he blew it. 


Ugh. I slam my utensils at the table. I looked at Yuro now. "Look, it's okay Yuro of what just happened earlier. We have all unexpected thing happenings to us. But make sure it won't happen again, understood? So quit whining about it, and if you're talking to your ex's make it fucking short! Just give them half of fucking minutes to talk to you! Don't let it a minute nor fucking 10 minutes! If that happen again, Yuro. I swear to you Yuro, we will have a fucking head on our dining table! And one more thing I'm not mad when you're talking to your ex's who looks cheap, have no breeding and wearing a fucking fake prada dress! I am more than beautiful than them because I'm a godess and you belong to me, only me keep that on your mind, Understood?!" I burst out. 

I'm not fucking angry, I'm not.

I saw Yuro made a smile, and heard the seasons laugh. I turn them and give them my death glare that made them stop laughing. I rolled my eyes. 


Edited: 29.12.2020

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