My Women's Day Present

• Chapter 13

There was loud music coming from the restaurant and LED lights illuminated the road. Nail's hand was constantly on my waist as if he was holding me up on the slippery floor.

Although... it doesn't matter what the real reason for his attention was! Now, walking up the steps, I felt like a princess. I wanted to relax and just trust my companion, and do not care that tomorrow he will disappear from my life as if he did not even exist.

“May I take your coat?” The employee at the entrance asked me politely. But Nail looked at him so that the poor guy almost flew ten steps away from me in horror. The man himself took off my outerwear and only then handed it over to the wardrobe worker. “Thanks…”

Raising one eyebrow questioningly, I frowned at Nail. We haven't entered the hall yet, but he already scared all the people around! Just when some guy looked at me with interest, Nail's vibes made him run away.

“You came with me, right?” The man asked shortly and too seriously, looking straight into my eyes. “So, you are only with me now.”

“Well, seems like you have a thing about loyalty...” I said mockingly, although I was ready to purr with pleasure, like Snowflake, when I mistakenly filled her bowl with a double portion of food. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“This is not a thing, bunny, and there is nothing to talk about.” For the first time, he did not take it as a joke and even frowned. I looked around and followed Nail's gaze. As soon as we entered the meeting room, my companion was already staring at Tasha! “Damn…”

Tasha was wearing a black dress. The girl clearly got a boob job and looked great, even though she was already a mother. A tall, handsome man kept his arms around her waist, which made Tasha even more fragile next to him.

As they say – speak of the devil, she appears! Tasha, as if feeling my look at herself, immediately turned on the heat and pulled her man to us. I was about to step back, wanting to escape, but alas: it's no use locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

“Regina!” She exclaimed joyfully for everyone to hear. Everyone except the DJ turned around. By the way, I felt Nail's sidelong glance without even looking at him. He finally found out my name! “And you haven't even changed...”

Considering that at our last meeting, I was wearing glasses, braces, and weighted twenty kilograms more – then yes, no change. But it would be strange to comment on this in front of men. So I smiled sweetly, hugged her, and even kissed her on the cheek before answering:

“And you - a little bit. In some separate areas...” Tasha blushed and looked away. Obviously, the breast from A- to D-cups would not have grown by itself. In fact, as well as the buttocks. Perhaps I could say that the lips are natural. What if the girl was simply bitten by bees? Who knows?

“For real. ‘Tuning’ turned out to be not cheap...” her husband supported the conversation, for which he received an elbow in the rib from his missus.

Tasha was not at a loss for words. She lifted her chin proudly, pressed herself to the husband, and gave away her main trump card:

“Let me introduce you my husband, the director of the bank,” apparently, the name of the person wasn’t so important for her (such a man-bank with legs), so the speech ended there. Used to such treatment, the husband just rolled his eyes and held out his hand to greet Nail. Suddenly the man froze, blinked three times and, staring at my companion, muttered in surprise:

 “Oh, God! You’re... You… I…” Taking advantage of the man’s slurred speech, Nail grabbed his arm and, whispering in my ear: “I’ll be right back!” disappeared from view with the bank director.

Watching after them, I understood that Nail was staring not at Tasha, but her husband. This director obviously knew something about my fancy man, and I was just biting my nails and making a plan of how I could accurately find out about Nail's secrets.

“And I have two children,” Tasha suddenly blurted out, breaking my train of thoughts. “We have an apartment in the very heart of the capital, a country house. And also we’ve got apartments in London, Paris, and Monaco.” She got no reaction from me, so, biting her lip, took out the phone and literally shoved it into my hands. “Here! Look if you don't believe it.”

I flipped through a couple of photos and suddenly realized a strange thing... I don't care how Tasha lives, how good all her apartments are, and how cool her husband is. After all, all these years I have lived happily. The only thing I was missing was the beloved man. And I don't care who he will be: a mechanic, a dentist or a teacher. Who cares? The most important for me is love.

For some reason, the image of Nail and that strange message from the girl didn’t want to get out of my head. It brought tears to my eyes, but I immediately pulled myself together and gave back Tasha the phone.

“I’m sorry, baby if I made you feel uncomfortable,” the ‘friend’ said forced and sympathetically and happily put the phone back into the neckline of the dress. “Your boyfriend probably can't even make enough money for flowers?”

I smiled and patted her on the shoulder. Engaging in such conversations is like writing negative comments on the Internet - a pointless activity that provides nothing useful except some trash negative.

Sandra Bouchard

Edited: 18.10.2020

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