My Women's Day Present

• Chapter 14

I stood at the door for a minute, remembering my ex-boyfriend. He, of course, was not the director of the bank, but he also couldn’t calmly walk past short-skirt girls without looking at them. At first, because of naivety, I thought it was something of the category: “I appreciate it as an artist, but I don't touch it with my hands,” and then I accidentally stumbled upon an e-mailing, where my boyfriend persistently and dirtily persuaded some young athlete girl to have sex.

That day I got drunk to the point of insanity and waited for him from work, not knowing how to say goodbye. But Snowflake helped me then. This wonderful creature, as soon as the guy crossed the threshold, jumped from the closet on his head and tore it off so that he had even to put stitches. And in a fit of anger, he finally showed his true colors... As a result, we split up right in the nurse office.

Pulling myself back from the memories, I moved on and decided to continue looking for Nail, when suddenly someone pushed the door next to me sharply, and I almost flew away to the wall.

“Oh my God! Regina... Are you okay? I'm so sorry...” the man who had just promised his ‘babe’ to come in a great hurry, carefully lifted me up in his arms, and gently patted on my wrist. “My name is Daniel, by the way. Hell, the last thing I wanted to do was damage the silky skin of such a beautiful lady.”

“I don’t have skin, but thorns. To spoil it, you need to try harder,” I said indifferently and pulled my hand out of the man's tenacious grip. He was confused for a second and then muttered again:

 “Although, you know what... I think this is fate! You and I bumped into each other in a place where no one can find us.” Denial’s lustful hand slid along my waist, as if by accident. I need to get out of here, and the faster the better. “I think, we need to take advantage of the situation, kitty”.

‘The kitty, the wildcat, and the duckface wife. Wow, he gathered a whole zoo,’ I thought with a sneer, although it was time for me to panic. The more I rejected the man, the more persistently he pestered me, and the more rudely he held me back.

“Here, just before I appeared, was a cleaning lady... Most likely, she is your destiny. And I am nothing... just a small fry on your way,” I rattled nervously, but the man only twinkled his eyes. “She went there! If you hurry up, you will catch her.”

Denial burst out laughing, feeling like he got footloose, grabbed my hands, and dragged me by force into the little room from which he had just left. Of course, I went in for sports, but I had no idea how to fight off a strong, stout man.

“You're so funny, kitty. Let's see how you will behave...” the man did not have time to finish the sentence, because, at one moment, he just staggered and unclenched his hands. I turned around and saw Nail. He looked daggers at Denial. Apparently, my savior hit his head so hard that this prick forgot what he wanted from me, and suddenly was about to turn tail and run. “However, the joke has gone so far, Regina. You can't honestly think that I would...”

One more punch and Denial fell to the floor, splashing blood on the wall. I screamed and jumped aside, wishing that horror to be over right away. Nail was almost burning with anger. Having looked at me, he realized that I’m fine, and only then he turned to the would-be seducer:

“I’ll talk to you later. I hope you understand what it’s going to cost you.”

“What?! You will destroy my career because of some whore... Yes, she was the first to pester me! And in fact, I'm married!” Denial muttered in bewilderment, but, having touched his face and seen the blood, he immediately forgot about everything and, almost with tears in his eyes, muttered: “To hit on the back is dishonorable and mean!”

It was almost funny. He didn't really care what his wife would think. He hurt his precious face. Such a tragedy! How is he supposed to hook up young ‘kitties’ in the club now?

“This is what you did, kitty...” Nail expressively stretched out the last word, and I saw how the man's pupils dilated, and his jaw clenched.

But Denial barely got a chance to respond, because Nail took my hand and pulled me out of the corridor. Right there, where the drunken former classmates and some of the teachers were making noise. I only caught a glimpse of them because Nail suddenly pushed me against the wall and took my face in his hands. He was breathing so hard as though he’d completed a marathon. His chest was heaving nervously, and his voice was wheezing:

 “Can't you spend five minutes without problems? You can't stop provoking me, right?!”

“I just...” I stammered over a word and hesitated. Should I say that I was looking for him to talk about the message? He was already looking like a ferocious fire-breathing dragon. “I was just looking for a toilet.”

‘Damn! Why I couldn't have said the powder room?!’ - I thought immediately, blushing to the roots of my hair. I should have taken Snowflake with me to important events - she always knows how to distract attention from me at the right time.

“It’s at the other end of the restaurant. Neon signs are all over the hall,” Nail muttered and looked at me with squinty eyes. “Come clean, why did you actually go there?”

Blinking in confusion, I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind:

Sandra Bouchard

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