you know who you are

I have to be ashamed of myself

I’m not what you want

I don’t go where you told me

And I gotta confess sometimes I don’t wish what you wish

A thing changed inside

When I was a baby I never told you NO

But now is simple than before

I’m fallowing my shadow

I can’t control this power

What did you give me this?

I found myself regretting being me

I didn’t mean it I only wanted to try the freedom you promised out

Where is it?

Are you this burden?

I can’t breathe thinking I’m letting you down

Forgive me please

Its only my essence

Maybe he´s right, I wasn’t made to

Only the strongest deserve you I know that

Your voice has never been clever as I want

And my will is never going to be the same.

R. Diamond40

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Story about: poems, life

Edited: 14.09.2019

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