Not All Weddings Turn Into Fairytales

Chapter 5



   The moment I entered the living room of our house and saw Mia sitting on the couch, I was sure something was wrong. This day had already been shitty and I didn't want any more drama in it. I walked to Mia, she was holding a paper in her hands. Her face was looking pale and she hadn't even noticed my arrival in her deep thoughts.

  "You okay, baby?" I asked.

Mia looked up at me with worry-filled in her amber eyes. My heart clenched in my chest, what was bothering her? I had been on the site for the last few hours busy with the site head and the investigating officer. The fire had been bad. One-third of the site was completely ruined. The fire had started on the third floor and had reached the fifth by the time it was controlled by the fire extinguishing department. All three floors had been completely ruined and would need to be renovated. It would take nearly three to four months to reverse the damage.

  It was bad and was not going to reflect well on our firm. This was the first time I had ever experienced something like this on our site.

Before today, no such thing had ever happened, I was worried and had called a meeting tomorrow morning. This had to be dealt with strictly, I couldn't let such carelessness pass easily.

  Right now the more pressing matter for me was my wife's pale face. I could never see Mia worried about something in my life. If it was up to me I would just terminate the reason for her worry.

  "What happened, Mia?" I asked again.

  Mia silently passed me the paper she was holding in her hand. I looked at the paper there was a drawing on it. It was most probably Ahad who had drawn it because Abeer was still too young to draw a family. I looked at what he had drawn and as usual, there was a drawing of our family and there was a dark male figure hovering above their heads.

  "What about this drawing Mia?" I asked her.

  "Ahad said that it was a bad man and he was going to hurt us all, " Mia pointed to the dark figure.

   I chuckled at her reply, I couldn't believe Mia would take a drawing so seriously. I had never thought her to be the superstitious type.

  "You think it's a joke?' She asked in fury.

   " Baby, it's just a drawing, kids tend to draw all kinds of things, it's a way for them to express themselves, " I sat beside her on the couch and spread my arm around her shoulder.

   "Waleed, but why would he draw it today? When a fire broke out on our site? Do you think this is a coincidence?" She glared at me.

   "What do you want to imply? That our son is the next Harry Potter and soon we will be receiving a letter from Hogwarts?" I teased.

  Mia jerked away from me and tried to stand, I pulled her back holding her arm. I couldn't understand why she was so worked up because of a silly drawing.

  "Mia baby, I was not mocking you, " I placed my hand below her chin and lifted it upwards.

"Waleed, I am scared, " she whispered, before burying her face in my chest.

  Mia started crying with her face buried in my chest and I wrapped my arms around her and let her cry, till her sobs subsided, " Mia, I will never let anything happen to you or our kids, as long as I am alive. Trust me, baby, I will give my life, before I let anything happen to you, " I kissed her head and whispered.

   " Waleed, I am worried about you, I don't think I could live without you, " she answered back.

  "Trust me, baby, nothing is going to happen to me. I have Dada's prayers with me, " I stroked her back trying to calm her hiccups.

   "Waleed, I am feeling something bad is going to happen and it is going to shatter the foundation of our marriage, " Mia said holding me tightly with her arms.

   "Baby, nothing will happen, I won't let any harm come to our relationship, " I said in a determined tone.

  " Waleed promise me, you would never leave me ever again, promise me, " she flattened her palm in front of me.

   I placed my hand over her palm and wrapped my fingers around it, " I promise you, Mia, that I would never leave you, ever again. I was an idiot to do it the last time and I would never repeat it, " I kissed her forehead.

  Mia would sometimes still go back in the past and would get upset over the fact that I didn't even let her explain once and left for the US. It killed me to see her upset like that because of me, if only I had the power to go back in the future. That would be the only thing that I would like to change.

  "Waleed, I don't want to lose you. I don't think I would be able to survive without you, " she was still stuck on the same thing.

  "Baby, you are being superstitious just because of a drawing. Kids draw all kinds of things and speak all kinds of stuff. We can't take each and everything seriously, it's how their brain develops. By letting free their imagination, " I stroked my fingers in her hair.

  " I know Waleed, but I can't help it. The fire, the drawing, what if someone is out there trying to harm us?" She asked.

  "Then I will kill that motherfucker, myself, " I kissed the tip of her nose.

   Her amber eyes were still filled with worry about an unknown threat. I couldn't understand why Mia, was taking it so seriously? What if her gut feeling was right? What if someone was out there trying to hurt us?

  God, she was messing my mind too.

  "Mia, baby, you need to get a grip on yourself. Nothing of such sorts is going to happen, trust me. I won't let anyone even touch a hair on your or our kid's head, " I pressed her hand in assurance.

  "I am really hungry baby, for you and for the food too. So what am I getting served first, " I whispered in her ear.

  I wanted to divert her mind from the fire incident and the drawing and I knew, there was only one way to do it.

Aliza Jabri

Edited: 24.01.2021

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