Nothing: The Original Location

What Is The Nothing

What Is The Nothing You may have possibly heard before, "everything began from Nothing". But what is the nothing? The nothing is the earliest situation that happened in history. The nothing started as one single original location. It then multiplied stretching out to allow containment. The nothing during its multiplying became a structure that caused dimensions to be possible. Think of the nothing as both locational and as the building blocks that hold location together in place. The nothing began as the smallest anything could possibly ever be. There is not anything in our times that can be as small as the original nothing. This is because of the way the nothing grew and shaped its structuring of reality. Reality is the result of the nothing. Anywhere you can ever possibly go is reality. Even if its a blocked location, its a part of reality. What seperates our oldest parent and the nothing apart, is that the nothing is a nonsentient multiplier, while our oldest parent began to exist due to the nothing. In short our oldest parent is alive and thinks, however the nothing is simply mathematical cause andeffect, think of the nothing as randomization having failed many times until the math was a proper fit with each other. It may not seem fair that the nothing is only scientific, but the future has many good benefits the nothing has provided us that we did not work for.

David R. Quigley

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Story about: bible, god, science

Edited: 18.05.2020

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