Nymph Retribution

Chapter 2

She woke up fron something really bright..

"Huh?? Where am I??"

"Hi..I'm your guardian angel, Xia Lynn!!"

She was blinded from the bright light, but was able to adjust her eyes well..

"If you're my guardian angel..why are you here.."

"You are in heaven, silly!"

Then she remembered what happened in her place..

"Then that means, I died, (sigh) I can't believe I fell in love in a jerk!"

The guardian angel then spoke to her

"And that's what I am here for..I am sent by the gods to help you defeat them, your supposed to be the queen of your Dinasty but since you made the wrong move, the gods have decided you should experience pain. To let you know that everything that has been happening is all games, but a serious one."

"I guess I was naive to not notice, I thought that everyone was all nice to me, but I didn't know I was under a game and I was everyone's little useless pawn.."

"And so do you want to revenge?? Do you want to live again and prevent those mistakes from happening??"

"If I was given a chance, guardian angel, I would love to.."

"Alright.. embrace yourself, this is going to be a bit painful, but it's going to be worth it!"

She did her magic and Lynn was brought back to the real world but this time her life was a maid!

"Xia Lynn..Xia Lynn!! Please wake up!!" A small voice was pleading her to wake up, and it was a maid that was next to her . She was sitting down and saw herself in a maid's dress..

"Huh? Where am I? What year is it??" Then flashbacks of somebody else's journey in life was presented to her..Her name is Lia Lia and she also had the same experience as Xia Lynn.. She was used, betrayed, taken advantage of, and killed.. 

"I can't believe that somebody also had the same experience as me..we were both idiots but we are going to prove them wrong Lia Lia!"

Water was then splashed to her body. This made her awake. It was the senior maid, Cai Fu.

"See Lacy, your friend has just been sleeping all along..while on the job.."

"I'm sorry senior maid..we promise not to distirb you again, but she was she wasn't sleeping, she was tired!!"

Cai Fu rebutled in anger..

"You dare speak against you elder..you know who your dealing with..and plus she isn't even tired, if she was how was she able to perform the tasks I aksed her to do.."

She left the room and Lacy went to her aid..


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