On The Ledge

Lunch Break


During lunch break Sam sat alone at his table for a while, waiting for his friend Lucas to join him when he saw his sister walk in his direction. She smiled at him, sitting down.

" Hey. What's up?" she asked.

" Nothing much. Just waiting on Lucas to show up." he looked around the cafeteria. But Lucas was nowhere to be found, instead Sam's eyes catched Bradley standing in line for food. At eye contact, Brad grinned and waved at him. Sam slightly taken aback by that just managed a small smile and quickly turned to his food.

" What's wrong?" his sister asked. Sam looked up at her.

" What do you mean?"

" You were glancing around the place and then I saw you blush..." she looked at him in a funny way. " What made you blush?"

" What the hell are you talking about? I did not blush."

" Oh, so now you're telling me I'm wrong?"

" Haley, can we just move on? What are you doing later today?"

She wagged her finger at him triumphantly. " Oh, I see what you're trying to do. Change the subject so I won't figure out the real deal, huh? Well, as a matter of fact I'm going to the movies, the new Kingsman movie just came out, so I was wondering if we could have a nice brother-sister hang out tonight?"

Sam narrowed his eyes at her before he finally said: " Haley, what do you want?"

" What?" she asked innocently.

" Why would you wanna go to the movies with me of all people? Don't you have those annoying giggly girls in your class to hang out with?"

" Ugh... I invite you, that's what matters. Why do you have to make a big deal out of it?" she said in irritation. " I know you liked the first movie so I thought why not.."

" I can't go tonight, okay?" Sam interrupted.

" What are you doing today then?"

" I'm hanging at Sophia's."

" Oh... I see. Be safe."

" Hi, Sam." Bradley sat down next to him. Sam didn't expect the new guy to join him at lunch but he wasn't surprised nonetheless. Bradley's only acquaintance at the moment was Sam.

" Hey." he said. Haley gazed at Bradley in an enamored manner.

" Hubba-hubba." she licked her lips. " Sam, won't you introduce me to this hottie right here?" she gave him a meaningful look. Sam stared at his sister in awe of how embarrasing she could sometimes be.

" Bradley, meet my stupid sister Haley. " he eventually said.

" Bradley." he squezzed her hand.

" Haley. Haley Robinson." she grinned at him.

" Nice to meet you, Haley." he said.

" Likewise." she winked. Sam rolled his eyes at her.

" Haley, you can let go of his hand now." he reminded her.

" Oh, sorry." she apologized. " Silly me." she giggled. Sam shook his head at her.

" How old are you?" Bradley asked Haley.

" Seventeen." she said. Bradley nodded as he started eating.

" Are you single?" Haley asked. Bradley suddenly stopped eating and looked up at her. Sam couldn't believe his ears.

" Haley, would you just stop..." he started.

" Stop with what?"

" You're embarrasing me!"

" Well, then I guess I'm doing a great job as a sister." she said triumphantly.

Bradley smirked. " I'm single."

" See.." Haley pointed to Bradley. " He doesn't seem to mind the question. It's just an ordinary question I asked."

Sam stared dumbfoundedly at Haley. " Asking someone about their age as Bradley did qualifies as ordinary, what you did was inappropriate. You don't even know him."

" Yeah, well that's what people do, Sammy. They talk, they get to know each other. If you don't ask, you never know."

Sam sighed in resignation. They ate in silence for a while.

" So, where do you live, Bradley?" Haley continued.

" Uh, we have an apartment on the Ronan Street."

Haley opened her mouth in utter shock. She exchanged looks with Sam who also seemed surprised by the fact.

" What?" Bradley looked from Sam to Haley.

" We also live there." Sam explained.

" You're like a neighbour practically." Haley said excitedly. " Maybe you could pay us a visit some day, will ya?"

" Uhm, yeah.. if that's okay with Sam?" Bradley looked at him. Sam nodded.

" Yeah, any time, dude. You're welcome at my house."

" But maybe later, not now. We just moved in and we're busy packing out stuff so.."

" Yeah, sure dude. I can show you around the neighbourhood when you're free." Sam said.

Haley grinned at the two of them. Sam gave her a reproachful look.

" I am so glad I'll get to see you more often." she grinned at Bradley. " Honestly, there aren't enough sexy guys in our neigbourhood, so you're a welcome addition."

Sam shook his head at her in disbelief. " Haley.."

" What?"

" Keep it in your pants."

" Ugh!" she rolled her eyes at him. " Okay, guys. I'll leave you." she rose from her chair, making sure her breasts were very visible when she bended over to pick up her tray.

" I like your necklace. It's very pretty." Bradley said.


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