On The Ledge


FRIDAY  17:18

Sam and Sophia were laying by the pool getting a tan, when Haley came out of the house and  joined them.

" Hi there, love birds." she sat on the ground by the pool, exposing her skin to the sun. "I didn't know you'd come, Sophia?" she asked after a while.

" Sam invited me." Sophia responded in a strained voice. The change in her demeanor didn't go unnoticed by Sam.

" Did you eat already?" he asked his sister.

" Not yet. What did you have for lunch?"

" We left some pasta for you in the fridge." he said.

" Your mom is a very good cook." Sophia complimented them. Haley threw her a weird glance before redirecting her attention to the sun.

" Guess who I ran into in the hallway today." Haley asked Sam, ignoring Sophia's remark.

" Your clone?" Sam joked.

" No!" Haley chuckled.

" Good. Cuz the world doesn't need another Haley 2.0. You're enough to handle already." Sam said. Sophia laughed.

" Brad." Haley revealed with a huge smile on her face.

" Who's that?" Sophia asked.

" Just some guy my sister has a crush on." Sam felt the need to put on his sunglasses even though the sun didn't bother him.

" He's the cutest guy I've seen." Haley told Sophia.

" Really?" Sophia furrowed her brows in wonder.

" Yeah, but don't get too hyped up. The only guy you should find handsome right now is my brother so.. "

" Haley!"

" What? I'm kidding. You guys know me ." Haley winked at Sophia. " You can break up with my brother any time. That wouldn't bother me at all!"

Sam shook his head in disbelief. "Haley, there's food waiting for you in the kitchen..."

" Is that some polite way of asking me to go away?"

Sam hesitated for a moment, not knowing whether to be honest or not.

" Yes." he eventually said. Haley put her hands in the air. " Okay, okay. I'm leaving." she retreated with a smirk.

After she left, Sophia bursted into laughter. " She catches on fast."

" Yep. Haley can be pretty smart at times. She only acts dumb on occasion."  Sam said. Sophia laughed.



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