On The Ledge


FRIDAY 17:30

" Do you want to jump in?" Sophia beckoned to the pool. Sam was absent mindedly laying and staring into the sky when he realised Sophia was talking to him.
" Uh, no. I'm good. Go ahead."
Just as Sophia started swimming, Sam  overheard conversation in the kitchen. The voice of his father talking to Haley was highly audible outside. He rose to a sitting position.
" What's wrong?" Sophia swam in his direction.
" My dad just arrived."
" So?" she failed to comprehend the significance of it.

" Hey." Mr Robinson stepped out of the house. " Sam." he beckoned back to the house.                    

" Training awaits."

Sam lazily stood up, exchanging a look with Sophia.

" I'll be done in an hour." he said. She nodded.

" I'll probably just head home." she said. " I've got homework to do so.. see you tomorrow?" 

Sam shrugged. " Maybe."

He followed his dad to the garage where his dad had set up a boxing ring and all the equipments necessary for boxing. He got dressed into sweatpants, put on his black gloves. His dad adjusted his hands into the boxing pads.

" So, how was school today?"  his dad said while putting on his pads.

" There's a social party tomorrow." Sam decided to go straight to the point with the question he's been meaning to ask.  His dad pensively looked down.

" Who's hosting?" he asked.

" Harrison. You don't know him.."

His dad stared at him dead in the eyes. " Will his parents be present at the party?" he said in a strained voice.  Sam scoffed.

" I hope not. Otherwise it'll be a lame ass party." he mumbled. His dad raised his brows.

" I mean.. Probably. I don't know."

" At this party.. will there be any drugs?" he asked.

" Uh, how am I supposed to know that?!" Sam suddenly busied himself with adjusting his gloves properly.

" Is anyone named Sam gonna be doing drugs?" his dad rephrased his question.

" No... Sam is not gonna be on drugs." Sam said quietly.

" Good." his dad nodded and got into the ring.

" Can I go then?" Sam excitedly jumped into the ring and started punching his dad's boxing pads.

" You'll first give me the address of the place."

Sam smirked.

" Come on, faster!" his dad encouraged him. "  Come on! Left, right, left." Sam tried to put as much force as he could into his strikes.  Bang, bang, bang!

" Is that all you got?" his father clearly wasn't impressed. He now started hitting him back, forcing Sam to defend himself. He was feeling provoked now. Angry. He struck back with greater force.

" Yeah! That's what I'm talking about."  After a while Sam could feel a panging pain in his left fist.  He stopped to take a breather.

" You gotta work on your stamina, Sam. If you wanna win, you have to improve on that. Come on, let's go again."



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