On The Ledge

The Party


It was 9 pm but the party was already in full swing. The lobby was full of people Sam didn't know but most of them he could tell were sophomores. As they went up the spiral staircase Sam knew he was getting close to the heart of the party. As he entered the main room he heard someone shout his name. He turned to see Lucas, his schoolmate, approach him.

" Lucas." he greeted him with a brotherly hug. " Where's Harrison?"

" I think he's downstairs in the lobby." Lucas said. " But do you wanna play pool with us?" Sam glanced to where Lucas was pointing. Tyron, Matt and Damien were by the pool table, laughing and sipping from their cups.

" Maybe later." Sam said. As he glanced to his right he saw Sophia was already serving herself with the drinks.

" Hey, don't you think you should take it easy? I smelled alcohol on you as soon as you approached me." he told her. Sophia gave him a funny look.

" It's a party, Sam. What do you expect us to drink? Apple juice?" she chuckled and danced her way into the crowd. " Come on, let's dance! I love this song." After the dance Sophia suggested to go to the lobby. On the way downstairs they ran into Harrison.

" Hey, man. I' m glad you could make it." Harrison said.

" What was that thing back there with Jason? I didn't know you kept a guest list?!" Sam half jokingly provoked him. Harrison laughed.

" I had to make something up to make those guys go away. No offense, Sophia but I don't like the kind of friends your brother chooses to associate with."

" Non taken." Sophia shook her head. " Taron doesn't know what he's dealing with anyway." she shrugged.

" But why are you leaving already? We're about to start the karaoke competition."

" We won't be late. " Sam said as they descended. As they served themselves with some snacks in the lobby, the door opened. Bradley grinned as soon as he noticed Sam.
" Hey!" Bradley said a bit too enthusiastically. With Sophia nearby, Sam tensed up a bit but tried not to show it.
" Hi."
" Oh, I know you!" Sam heard Sophia behind him exclaim. " You're the new kid, what is it again..." she tried to recall something. " Abbot, right? Is that your name?"

" No, that's my surname. My name's Bradley." Sophia gazed at him as she mulled over something in her head.
" Well, nice to meet you, Bradley." she eventually said. " I hear you're quite popular at school." They shook hands.
" Sam, wanna go up? They are already starting." Sophia nudged him.
" I'll catch you later." he said.
" Suit yourself then." she shrugged and headed upstairs. Bradley turned to Sam with a half wicked smile.

" Why do girls act all weird around me?" Bradley chuckled.
" Maybe because you're handsome.." Sam replied pensively. Bradley gazed at him for a while.
" Hey, wanna go outside? The air in here is killing me." Bradley said.

Everyone from the garden was already gone, most of them already upstairs, in the comfort of warmth.  Walking in silence toward the garden house was making Sam a bit  uncomfortable.

" Hey, is that Canis Minor?"

Bradley looked up, studying the constellation for a while.

" Doubt it. It looks like it but we don't normally see it this time a year." Before they got into the garden house, Bradley pointed to the sky.

" Look! Do you see Aquarius?"

" Yeah."

" Do you know how it got its name?"

" Isn't it Greek?" Sam asked. Bradley nodded.

" Ganymede used to be a cup bearer to the gods. He also happened to be handsome and Zeus didn't fail to notice that." Bradley winked at Sam.

" Wait, was Zeus intimate with him?" Sam asked, clearly taken aback. Bradley nodded. They both laughed.

" Well, I wouldn't be surprised. Back then relationships weren't strictly between man and woman." Bradley said eventually. They stood silently in the garden house for a while. The only thing Sam could hear was his heartbeat. A thought was resurfacing in him and even though he fought against it, he couldn't get rid of it.

" Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kiss someone of the same gender?" he asked. Bradley turned to meet his gaze. It was too dark to discern Bradley's expression but he noticed him leaning in eventually. Sam closed his eyes and let himself be carried away by deep but awakened emotions. In this sole moment he forgot about his surroundings. The kiss was tender, sweet but cut off suddenly by a loud thump of a glass falling on the floor and a snap of the camera. Sam and Bradley broke away from the kiss as soon as they heard the noise. They frantically looked around. But Sam saw no one. It was clear though that someone was there by the garden house. The mug that had been on the shelf was broken. Someone was there and Sam had a feeling this might be the kiss he would later regret.



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