On The Ledge

Not Okay


" What do you want?" Sam asked.

" Do you know who posted the pic?" Brad asked.

" How the hell should I know. And frankly, I don't care." Sam was about to walk away, but Brad grabbed his arm.

" Do I need to remind you who initiated the kiss?" Brad raised his brows at him.

Sam stared at him, wanting to punch the hell out of that smug face but at the same time not having the guts to do it.

" Is everything okay here?" he heard Sophia say.  For a moment no one replied.

" Yeah, everything is fine." Brad eventually said, letting go of Sam's arm. He then grabbed his bag and rushed out of the classroom. Sam stood there, rooted to the spot.

" What were you guys fighting about?" Sophia asked.

" We weren't fighting." Sam headed for the door.

" Oh, it looked like fighting to me." Sophia said behind him. Sam turned to her.

" Can we just talk about something else?"

" Was it because of that photo?" Sophia suddenly asked, clearly not willing to change the subject.

" Why would it be because of that?"

Sophia shrugged. " I don't know.." she said eventually.




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