On The Ledge

It Wasn't Me!


He could already hear the shouts when he ascended the stairs to his math classroom. After he turned the corner he saw a group of students, gathered around two kids who were fighting. From afar he could not see who they were but as he got closer he wasn't surprised to see Jason kicking the hell out of a poor kid on the ground.

" Fight! Fight! Fight!" the students encouraged them. As Sam got closer he saw that the person lying on the ground was in fact Lucas.

" Why are they fighting?" he asked the kid next to him.

" I don't know, but I'm rooting for the big guy." the kid cackled stupidly and pointed to Jason. Sam wasn't going to just stand there and watch his best friend take the beating so he jumped in and pushed Jason away. As Lucas recovered, he scrambled up to his feet and lunged at Jason who fought back.

" Stop!" Sam shouted and got in between them, trying to retain Lucas away from the fight.

" What is going on here?!" someone in the crowd shouted. The three of them turned  and saw Mrs Linton standing there, looking outraged.

" It was him. He started it all!" Jason started saying.

" Do I look like I care? Jason, this is the fourth time you've been involved in a fight. I'm gonna have a talk with your parents. And Lucas..." she turned to him, shaking her head in disbelief. "You're a good kid. What's gotten into you?"

" He said I was a freak, madam. He accused me of kissing Brad at the party even though I don't even know that guy that well."

" You were on that pic!" Jason said.

" The person's face was freaking blurred! How the hell do you dare accuse me without evidence? You weren't even at that party!" Sam has never seen his friend so angry before. Lucas was so red in the face from fury.

" You're the only blonde guy in this class who's gay enough to kiss a faggot like Brad."

" If you call me gay one more time I swear to my deceased grandmother I will beat the hell out of your fat ass!"

" Enough!" Mrs Linton shouted.

" So, this is what the fight was about?" she looked at both of them incredulously. " You think being gay is such a bad thing that you need to fight over it?" she eyed Lucas.

" But I'm not gay! Why does he have to insult me like that?" Lucas shouted.

" Okay, everyone go to class and wait for me there. You guys, come with me." she beckoned them to her office. Sam followed Lucas, only to be directed away.

" Not you, Sam. Go to class and wait there. I'll be done in a moment."



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