On The Ledge

Green-Eyed Monster


Sophia and her two friends Katie and Lucy couldn't contain their laughters at the movie theatre. They were watching an action movie but somehow the three girls seemed to find something funny about every scene. A guy in front of them turned around and reprimanded the three giggly girls.

" Will you shut up?!" he said through gritted teeth. The girls managed to keep still for a couple of seconds but resumed their laughters after the car exploded. Sophia rested her head on Sam's shoulder and kissed him on the cheek.

After the movie ended Katie suggested to go bowling but Lucy didn't like that idea.

" No, I wanna play pool!"
" How about we all go home?" Sam interjected. " It's getting late. We have school tomorrow."
But the two girls ignored the voice of reason and continued arguing. Sam looked at Sophia for help.
" I agree with Lucy." she eventually said. Sam stared at her like she was crazy. Sophia shrugged.

" What? We're young, we should be having fun. We'll only spend 20 minutes in the Arena and then we can go..." she said. Lucy nodded.
" Pretty please?" Sophia asked, pouting her lips. Sam sighed.
" Okay..."

Before leaving the cinema, Katie went to the bathroom and the others waited in the reception area. A few minutes passed and Sam started getting impatient.

" What's taking her so long?"
Sophia shrugged.
" Lucy, why don't you go check on her?" Sam suggested. " See if she didn't get sucked into the toilet bowl..."
Lucy sighed in exasperation and headed for the bathroom, leaving the two alone.

Sophia grinned at Sam who frowned at her. " Why are you so happy?"
" It's been so long since we went out. I missed this. I missed us." she snuggled against his chest. Sam kissed her on the forehead.

In the distance he heard the theatre door opening and two boys stepped into the hall. They were in a cheerful mood, laughing and commenting the movie they had just seen. Sam noticed there was something familiar about one of the boys. He had dark brown curly hair just like Brad. And he seemed to be the same height as him too. It was only when the two boys got close enough that Sam figured out he was indeed Brad. And he seemed to be enjoying himself with the blond boy next to him. His heart sank. Sophia followed his gaze.

" Wow, they're so disgusting." she commented. Lucy returned with Katie.
" Are we going to the Arena or what?" Lucy asked but then she noticed Sophia wasn't paying attention to her.

" So, it is true?" Lucy seemed taken aback. " He's gay after all."
" We don't know that. He could be just good friends with that boy." Katie said. Lucy, Sophia and Sam all stared at her.

" What? They're not doing anything that seems gayish to me." Katie said in her defense. It seemed like 4 people staring at him didn't go unnoticed by Brad because he made eye contact with them. His eyes lingered on Sam but then he looked away, ignoring him. The two boys walked past him and Sam just wanted to punch that other boy.

" Maybe that's the blond guy we saw on the pic." Lucy started saying. " It makes sense, doesn't it?" she looked at Sophia who shrugged.

" I think that's his old classmate from that other school." Sophia said. " I think his name was Dylan?" she looked at Katie for confirmation.

" Yeah, that's what Taylor said." she confirmed. Sophia nodded.

" I was really hoping that rumor wasn't true." Katie started saying. " I mean he's too hot to be gay. I want him just for myself."

" Not gonna happen." Sophia bursted her bubble.

" It's getting late. We should go to the Arena." Lucy said.

As they entered the Arena they were surprised to see how full it was considering the late hour. They played pool for a while but Sam's heart wasn't in it. He offered to go buy some drinks for the girls. When he approached the bar he was once again surprised to see two familiar faces already hanging out with the barista. Bradley didn't notice him but this Dylan guy nodded in his direction and turned to the barista.

" Hey, Aaron. New client." he pointed to Sam. The barista greeted him.

" How can I help you?" he asked.

" Two iced teas and two mojitos." he ordered and glanced in Brad's direction. But Brad didn't accord him any attention. Something in Sam flared up and he decided to start a conversation with Brad's date.

" Hey, do I know you?" he asked the blond guy.

" Excuse me?" he stared at Sam with wide eyes.

" Yeah, your name is Dylan, right?"

" No, I'm Christian." the boy seemed confused. If Brad wasn't paying attention to him then, he certainly seemed alert now.

" Really? Cuz I thought you were that other guy who Bradley dated for a while. I think his name was Dylan. Right, Bradley?" Sam smirked mischievously.

" What do you want, Sam?" Brad asked, annoyed.

" Oh, nothing. It's just weird how you seem to go from one guy to another." Sam gave him a meaningful look. " Be careful, Christian. This one's a player."

" We're just friends!" Brad narrowed his eyes at him. " You're making a fool of yourself, Sam."

" Yeah, and I'm the pope." Sam was in awe of how good of a liar Brad seemed to be. " Don't talk to me, Brad. You disgust me."


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