On The Ledge

Just Acquaintances


As soon as he opened his eyes he knew this day would be just as lousy as yesterday's. He rolled over on his bed, with yesterday's scene playing in his head. There was something bothering him and he didn't even know what. Why was he so fed up with Brad? Why did he care so much about who he hung out with? He didn't care. He didn't care one bit. Brad could do anything he wanted, Sam didn't care. The door opened.

" Sam, get up." his mom stood on the doorstep. Sam turned his back on her.
" I don't feel like it." he said grumpily.
" Get up. You have school." she insisted.
" I'm not going to school today."

" Sam, what's wrong?" she asked.
" Nothing, just leave me alone!"
Priscilla sighed and closed the door.
Sam closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep but he just wasn't able to anymore. He sat up, staring ahead. The door opened once again and this time it was Haley.

" Earth to Sam!" she raised the blinds. The bright sunshine hit his eyes, irritating him.                     
" Ugh! What are you doing?"    

" Helping you start the day like you're supposed to.."  she sat on the bed, grinning at him.              

" Why are you so jolly?" Sam frowned.
" Because life is a gift and you should be thankful when you start your day with sun shining outside. Especially in autumn!"
Sam winced at her. " You're so weird.." he turned, laying on the other side of the bed.
" Mom told me you're not going to school." she said on a serious note. Sam didn't say anything for a while until the silence got so unbearable that he had to say something.
" If you're here to convince me otherwise, you can see yourself out."
" I couldn't care less if you go to school or not. All I wanna know is, if you're okay?"

" I'm fine! Now, can you please leave me alone?"
" Well guess what, I won't leave you alone. How about that?" she crossed her arms defiantly.
" Suit yourself."
After a while Haley spoke. " I got a text from Brad yesterday..."
Sam's eyes widened but he remained silent.
" He said he had to go to the emergency because he was afraid his cheekbone was broken." Sam could feel the accusatory tone in her voice. He shuffled away from her.
" Sam, what happened?" she eventually asked.
He shrugged. " He just pissed me off..."

" So, that's what you do to people who piss you off?!" Haley couldn't hide her disbelief. "You have got to be kidding me!"
He didn't say anything, just stared out the window.
" You and I both know that's not true. You guys used to be great friends and now you're suddenly fighting?"
" We were never friends. We were just acquaintances, Haley. You understand that word? Just circumstantial acquaintances! He's my neighbour and we both go to the same school. That's it!"

Haley shook her head incredulously. " You make me laugh."
Sam turned to face her. " While we're at it... you and Sophia also used to be friendly back in the day. And you also got into a fight so you're the last person that should be reproaching me."

Haley gaped at him. " Don't try to turn this around. Sophia was fake from the get go. I have a pretty good sixth sense and that's why I never liked her. I was polite to her but we were never friends. The more you talk, Sam, the more I'm disappointed in you so you better shut your mouth."
Sam sighed. " Sorry."
" Oh, I don't need your apology. But I do know someone who'd appreciate it."
He turned around, Haley smirked cheekily. " His name's Brad."
" I'm not gonna apologize."
" Fine, then consider yourself uninvited to my play."
Sam sighed. " That's not fair. I'm your brother."
" The amount of daily bullying Brad receives is unfair. You should at least apologize. Or are you too macho for that?"
" I'll do it." he grunted.

Haley got up and headed for the door when Sam asked: " How's  your stupid play going?"      
" Be there next Friday and you'll be able to see for yourself." she said with a misterious undertone and closed the door.



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