On The Ledge

The Catalyst

MONDAY 23:34

He tried to reach his dad but he wouldn't pick up. He put the phone down and sighed. He flinched when someone knocked on his door.

" Yes?"

Haley entered and silently shut the door behind her.

" What's up, Grinch?" she smirked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Sam scratched his head uncomfortably. Haley grew serious.

" I'm kidding." she said, holding his hand.

Sam shook his head. " No, you're right. I did ruin Christmas."

" You didn't." Haley sighed in exasperation. " It was better this way otherwise when would you do it? Next week when we'd be in Switzerland? Or maybe next year? Or the year after that?" she asked sarcastically.

Sam managed a crooked grin. " You're right..."

" How's mom?"

" She's in bed, sleeping." she replied. " Or at least trying to. She was still crying after I closed the door."

Sam looked away briefly, his face changing.

" Don't be sad." she said, rubbing his hand.

" I just feel like crap right now."

" It'll pass. Believe me." she smiled warmly.

" What about dad?" he asked, worried.

" What about him?" she frowned.

" I tried reaching him but he won't answer. I think he's too upset to be driving late at night."

Haley brushed it off. " Don't worry about him, he'll be fine. I called him and he said he just needed to get away before he.." realizing that she was about to say something she bit her lower lip.

" Before he what?" Sam frowned.

" He's just not in a good mood right now." she said, avoiding his questioning eyes. " I think he needs time and space to process."

" Do you think  we'll go to Switzerland after this?" Sam asked in doubt.

" It might be awkward.."

" Might? It definitely will be." Sam pointed out.

" We'll see whether dad will be in the mood for traveling now." she shrugged.

Sam contemplated about something then said: " I probably won't go even if you guys do."

" What?" Haley got confused. " Why?"

He sighed. " I don't want things to be weird between us and if I go, it might turn out to be the worst vacation ever."

Haley shook her head vigorously. " That's nonsense."

Sam crossed his arms. " Whatever.."

" You should go with us."

" Haley, this time I'm not asking for your opinion so just let me be, okay?" Sam raised his voice slightly.

" Fine!" she said, looking away. " I just think you should sleep on it. Don't make rash decisions when you're upset."

" I'm not upset! Would you shut up?" he yelled. Haley flinched.

" Sorry..." he said after a while.

" It's okay." she nodded. " Uhm.. Look, I'm tired so.." she got up. Sam looked up at her, hoping he didn't hurt her feelings. " I'm going to bed now."

She was about to leave when Sam called after her. She turned.

" Thanks." he said.

Haley furrowed her brows. " Why?"

" For giving me the courage to come out. Without you I'd probably never do it." he smiled gratefully.

She nodded appreciatively and closed the door.



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