On The Ledge



They were leaning on the garden fence outside of the park, making out softly but passionately at the same time.

" If you want, we can hang out tomorrow. My place." he added between kisses. Sam smiled, breaking away.

" I'm training tomorrow but I'll make time for you." he said. Brad hugged him. Sam was in heaven until he opened his eyes and suddenly he felt like his world crashed. Sophia was in the distance, walking her Golden Retriever that her parents gifted her for Christmas. She leisurely approached the two and as she made eye contact with Sam, she froze. Sam broke away from the hug. Sophia approached with her mouth half open. She gazed at Brad as though she was seeing him for the first time in her life.

" Sophia, I meant telling you.." Sam started saying.

Sophia shook her head. "I knew you were acting weird these days. So, this is the fag that replaced me?!" her eyes scanned Brad who retreated.

" Sophia.." Sam pleaded, reaching for her.

" Don't touch me!" she looked at him in disgust. "How could you do this to me? I feel so betrayed right now." her eyes welled up. Sam bit his lower lip. He couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

" I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lead you on."

A tear fell down her cheek. "So this.." she gestured between her and Sam. "wasn't real?! We weren't a real thing?" she asked, apparently having trouble grasping at such an idea.

Sam tried to explain but he was having a hard time forming words. The three of them stood on the pavement in complete awkward silence while people passed them by, some of them giving weird looks at Sophia who was by now crying silently.

" I liked you, Sophia." he said, taking a step toward her. "But as a friend."

Sophia scoffed. "Oh, since when do you kiss your friends then? Huh?! I nearly lost my virginity to you, you dumbass!!" she pushed him away. "Don't tell me everything was fake."

" I swear I had no bad intentions towards you. It just kind of happened. Even I wasn't sure of my emotions at first." Sam tried to explain when Sophia slapped him. His cheek was burning with pain.

" You will regret this, Sam!" she threatened, wiping off her tears. "You don't wanna be on my bad side, believe me."  she said firmly and stormed off, violently pulling her dog away.



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