On The Ledge

Smoke and Mirrors


Sam was in the living room watching TV while Haley studied in her room. The two were home alone. He was getting bored so he turned off the TV to go in his room when the bell rang.  Haley opened her door.

" Don't worry." Sam said. " I'll get it." Haley went back to her room as Sam unlocked the door. As he swung the door open he could already feel a throbbing pain in his jaw. Three people attacked him, kicking him and punching him in the face. Sam fell on the floor. He didn't have time to react to the sudden attack that wasn't about to stop. The pain was so immense he thought he would pass out.

" No one takes advantage of my sister! You hear me?! No one!" the person above him yelled. That's when he figured out who they were. Taron and his gang were getting revenge for Sophia. He tried fighting them off but Jason pinned him to the ground.

" You're not going anywhere faggot."

Alarmed by the commotion downstairs Haley swung her door open. She shrieked in horror once she saw the scene.

" Taron! What the heck are you doing?" she came rushing down the stairs. " Leave him alone!"

Taron glanced up and once he saw her Sam could see his expression soften. But the grip around Sam's collar didn't. Haley pushed Taron away.

" I told you to leave him!" she yelled. Taron stumbled backwards. Haley looked at him incredulously.

" He dumped my sister." Taron said, enraged.

" So what?" Haley glared at him. " Don't touch my brother again."

Taron couldn't maintain intense eye contact with her so he looked away in discomfort.

" Sophia is sitting at home crying her eyes out because of what he did to her!"

" If she didn't have a stick up her ass and wasn't so self absorbed she'd probably realize that being dumped is not the worst thing that can happen to you." Haley sneered. Taron looked hurt by what she said.

" Don't talk about my sister like that." 

" Oh, please! Taron, you're so blind. I mean the fact that you're even here beating the bejesus out of my brother is quite telling, isn't it?" Haley asked, tilting her head in wonder. " You're not the mature person I thought you were. Don't ever talk to me again, I'm ashamed to know you." she looked at him in disbelief.

"Go home." she whispered, giving him an icy look. "Take a shower. You stink." she said and shut the door in his face.



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