On The Ledge

Used to Bad Days



To Sam going to school every day was starting to become a nuisance. In a matter  of weeks his popularity plummeted. People who previously used to give him acknowledging nods in the hallways were now ignoring him. Lucas, who he thought of as a friend, acted in contradiction to that. Out of everyone, Sam thought that Lucas would stand by him just like he did when Lucas got into a fight with Jason.  But now that Sam was viewed and treated as a loser, Lucas apparently had no intention of associating with him. In fact, Sam noticed that he started hanging out more with people like Sophia, Harrison and Tyron.

Sam wasn't physically bullied but that wasn't what bothered him. What hurt him the most was the fact that he was starting to get ignored more often. He felt like a ghost walking down the hallway. His previous friends didn't  engage in conversation with him even if he tried his hardest to make amends. Even though they didn't dare to physically bully him because Sam was after all a reputable school boxer, he had to admit that their negligence towards him was killing him inside. He tried not to show he was hurting though. He knew they'd rejoice if he showed pain.

Today they were having a Maths exam. Before the class began the students were chatting animatedly in the class. Throughout the year groups had formed. A few weeks ago Sam had his own group but now he was sitting behind his desk in solitude. No one spoke to him. Even though he was bored he made sure not to come off as that to anyone, so he pulled out his phone, pretending to have something interesting on it.

Mrs Linton entered the classroom, carrying a stack of papers. She put them down on the table and looked around, observing the students. But they didn't stop their loud conversations because of her. She glanced at her watch, noticing that she was five minutes early, she sat behind her desk, her eyes skimming the classroom. She made eye contact with Sam who redirected his gaze to his phone. Then out of the corner of his eye, Sam noticed her approach slowly. He glanced up to see she was standing above him, smiling warmly.

" How are you, Sam?" she asked, crossing her arms and leaning against the desk in front of Sam's.
" Fine." he replied curtly. Mrs Linton nodded.
" It seems like something's troubling you." she stated but there was a hint of question in her voice.
" I'm just having a bad day at school." he shrugged." I'm used to it though."
Mrs Linton's eyes studied him for a while. Sam sensed that she could read faces very well and was afraid she'd pick up on his sadness so he broke eye contact, concentrating on his phone.
" It's not okay to be used to bad days." she said, emphasising the last two words. Sam looked up. She seemed worried. He sighed.
" I'm gay."
She nodded. " I get it now. Your friends don't think that's cool and they're ignoring you."
Sam nodded. Mrs Linton approached him and patted his shoulder.
" If it were up to me, I'd make sure that every school has a subject called Tolerance. I think today's society would very much need something like that."
" The grades would be terrible." Sam smirked. Mrs Linton shrugged.
" Maybe yes, maybe not. But at least we'd have more open minded people in the world, don't you think?" she smiled. Sam grinned.




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