On The Ledge

Who You Are


Last night he couldn't sleep. When he woke up, he just wanted to go back to sleep but was distracted by his phone buzzing. He picked his phone and saw that coach Beckett had messaged him. He wanted to know whether Sam would make it to the training this day considering he skipped the last two sessions. Sam sighed. Even though he loved boxing because it distracted him from daily concerns he just wasn't enthusiastic about it these days. He layed back, wishing he could sleep all day. His phone was now ringing and it wasn't coach Beckett, it was Elisa, his grandmother. With some hesitation he picked it up.

" Yes?"
" Sammy!" she exclaimed on the other end. " How are you, my sweet-pea?"
" Fine." he lied.
" Oh, I heard about your family situation and let me tell you how sorry I am..." Elisa said. Knowing how eccentric his grandma was, he braced himself for another humiliating remark.
" For my son's behaviour." she continued. Sam cocked his brow in surprise. " I can't believe they're acting like this. I mean, no offence but I always knew that brainless mother of yours had no backbone. That's why I never liked her."
" She's just confused." Sam defended her.
" Oh, honey, I can't stand her. Listen, if you ever consider changing environments, just call me up and I'll come pick you up, okay?"
" Okay." Sam nodded.

After the phone call he tried getting back to sleep but couldn't. Haley knocked on the door, coming in.
" Good morning." she said solemnly. Sam could see she was in a bad mood.
" What's up?" he asked her. She raised her brows.
" I think I should be asking you that question."
" I'm good." he replied, twiddling with his blanket. " Actually I'm angry as hell."
She nodded. " With good reason. I'd be pissed too." she said, sitting on the edge of the bed.
" You were right about her. She was fake all this time." he said.
" Even though I don't like her, I can understand where she's coming from."
Sam frowned at her.
" When you started dating Sophia, I could tell how unconfident she was. You know, how certain people carry their specific vibes everywhere they go?" Sam nodded. " She seemed insecure from the beginning. I love you, Sam, but what you did to her wasn't cool. No girl wants to be cheated on, especially with a boy."

" She's a monster." Sam said.
Haley shrugged." She made a huge mistake. And the fact that she's capable of doing such a thing is going to be a part of her life from now on. She's probably the kind of girl who gets insecure and clingy once her boyfriend looks another way. Women like her always need approval from elsewhere in order to feel good in their own skin. And that's never a good recipe for a stable relationship."

" I knew I screwed up when I kissed him." Sam said in his defense. " And I tried to make it up to her, I wanted to stifle that part of me but I couldn't." he said, gazing at Haley.
" You are who you are. Never change yourself to please others." she smiled. " Now, the reason why I'm here is to check what suit you picked for my prom." she got up to check his wardrobe. Sam frowned.
" Prom? I didn't know I was supposed to get a suit. I totally forgot!"
Haley turned, giving him a weird look. " You don't listen to me when I talk, do you?"


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