On The Ledge

Bad Feeling


As soon as she woke up she had a bad feeling about this day. Something just didn't feel right... And when she checked Sam's room as she usually does that hunch just got bigger. It was the weekend and Sam usually stayed in the basement at such an hour, training. But the basement was empty. She tried calling her parents but they wouldn't pick up. After her fifth try her dad finally picked up to tell her not to bother him anymore since he was busy with patients. She next wanted to call Sophia but had a feeling Sam wouldn't be hanging with her after what happened so she called Brad instead. He picked up immediately.

" Yes?"

" Hey, Brad, listen, I can't find Sam anywhere and he won't answer my calls. Do you know where he is?"

" I just called him myself and he's not answering me either!" Brad exclaimed. Haley felt a pang in her chest. She felt lightheaded so she had to take a seat.

" Should we call the police?" she asked after a while.

" Do you think he might be in danger?" Brad asked, surprised.

" He's been acting weird lately. I'm afraid he might do something stupid."

" I don't think the police's gonna be able to help." Brad said. Haley sighed in annoyance. Even though she didn't like it she had to admit Brad was right. They'd have to wait at least a day before reporting a missing person. She held her head in frustration.

" If we wanna find him, we have to do this on our own." Brad said on the other side. Haley nodded.

" Fine, I'll come pick you up."



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