On The Ledge

The Search


She was speeding like crazy on the highway.

" Do you know where he could be?" she asked Bradley, focusing on the road ahead of her.

" I've no idea. We already checked everywhere. And coach Beckett said that he hasn't seen him for a week so this really is serious."

Haley tried implementing what she had learned in yoga class and keep calm but she just couldn't help control her heartbeat which by now echoed in her ears.  Bradley glanced at her.

" Are you okay? You seem pale."

" It's my fault. God, how could I be so stupid! The day before he was crying and I could hear him in my room. I came to check up on him and his eyes were so red... I told him that I loved him and he told me he loved me back! Ugh, but the way he said it, Brad. You should've been there. It's like he was saying goodbye and I was so stupid I couldn't pick up on it! If anything happens to him..." her voice trailed off. Tears gathered in her eyes.

" It's not your fault. You did everything you could." he said softly. " You were there for him."

They drove in dead silence toward the shopping center but he wasn't there either. Brad called Sam a dozen times while Haley drove. But Sam wouldn't pick up. With each destination they checked Haley grew more and more anxious. They got into the car again. Haley gazed vacuously ahead as they both sat in silence.

" Did you two have a favorite place you used to hang out together?" she asked, casting him a meaningful look. Brad shook his head indecisively.

" No, I don't remember any."

Haley sighed in frustration. She checked her watch. It was 10.20 by now.  She leaned back, feeling hopeless. If anything were to happen to Sam, she was too late by now. A tear of grief welled up in her right eye but she wiped it off immediately.

" No, I'm not giving in. Let's check the train station. See if he didn't jump under a train."

And that's when Bradley exclaimed. Haley glanced at him in confusion. It seemed like he was having an eureka moment.

" I know where he could be!"

She started the engine and drove off.



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