One Rainy Night


Chapter three. " It's a wolf " wispered Ed. Then again the wolves sound came nearer. "We have to hide somewhere " said Jesse. " Theres nothing to hide here anywhere " said Ed. " Hurry maybe some cave must be there nearby " said Jesse. They ran into the trees. It started to rain a bit There was thick bushes all around. But no where to take shelter in. Suddenly in front of them in the darkness two animal hazel eyes glowed. It was the wolf he was in front of them. " Climb this tree fast said Jesse n both of them struggled to climb a tree trunk. The black wolf sprang in their direction n waited prowling for them down for some time n then went away. Both of them stayed up in the trees. Panting n breathless. Slowly after sometime they climbed down steathily. " Hope it won't come back again " hushed Jesse. Then they started going more inside the woods searching for some sticks to make a fire n some shelter. From far off the light of some house could be seen. " I don't believe it look there's a house here in the woods " exclaimed Jesse. It's a mansion " said Ed as they came more nearer to it. They started scramping towards it. It started to rain heavily now and the grass was also wet below their feet. Ed let out a scream. " Whats it panicked Jesse. " Something stung me. " " Wait let me see. " They stopped n she saw his feet. A scorpion had stung him. It could be seen crawling away in to the trees. ♡

Samina Gokak

Edited: 16.10.2020

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