One Rainy Night


" Where is she my sis " said Jesse with a muffled scream. Ted started shouting her name. All of them started to search for her frantically but to no avail. Lila said " let's split n search for her. " " No we are sticking together no matter what " said Ed. Jesse let out a muffled cry. All of them were stunned by what they saw. On the ground was Suri sitting with her hands n legs tied back and a piece of cloth in her mouth. Ted ran and untied her. Ed n Ted helped her get up. She was shaking all over. " It's William " she whispered, " he did this. " " Hes somewhere nearby here Lets get out of here fast. " Then out of the bushes crawled William with a machete in his hand laughing maniacally. " So girls you think I forgot what ur father did " he said. " And what u did we too have not forgotten u assaulted us " shot back Jesse. He rushed forward with the machette in his hand. Ted and Ed the men wanted to fight him. But Suri shouted and persuaded them to run. Because he had the achette and they were unarmed. " Wheres my rifle " George asked. " You forgot it in the bushes sir " said the butler.So reluctantly Ted agreed and they all started running with him after them. ♡

Samina Gokak

Edited: 16.10.2020

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