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Arjun had a severe headache by the time that last candidate was done. It was evening and Arjun was alone in the office. He had asked Ms. Sharma to leave too. Ms.Sharma had given him a black coffee and left.

Arjun looked up in confusion as his door opened.

“How were the interviews?” Abhimanyu entered with a smile.

“Terrible!” Arjun sighed.

Abhimanyu laughed, “The biggest meetings, clients or deals don’t trouble you, but interviews are a pain in your butt. You are abnormal.”

Arjun smiled as Abhimanyu began massaging his head.

“I don’t like to talk to scared and annoying people. Or, in today’s case, talkative, opinionated, arguing people.” Arjun thought of Kavya.

“What do you mean?” Abhimanyu chuckled, still massaging his son’s head.

Arjun stopped him, made him sit in his chair and he sat on the table. He narrated the whole incident to his father. Abhimanyu listened to his son, without interrupting him.

“So, you fired the receptionst just because a young girl complained about her?” Abhimanyu raised a brow.

Arjun smiled, “I know it seems like I am being unreasonable. But hear me out. Weren’t you the one who told me that what people say or think about your employees is important to you?”

“Yes. But when I said that, I wanted you to defend your employees, not fire them!” Abhimanyu explained.

“I know, but what if that employee is the one who is wrong. I have heard about the receptionist from a lot of people, Pa! She is rude!” Arjun argued.

“You are act like a child sometimes. Wait! You haven’t slept with her, have you?”

“No! How can you even think? No!” Arjun shuddered.

“I was just making sure! There is no guarantee with you youngsters.” Abhimanyu joked.

Arjun chuckled.

“But, Arjun, I think that girl was…” Abhimanyu started.

“I don’t want employees who cant follow my orders.” Arjun protested.

“Arjun, Beta, you don’t want sheeps working for you, who blindly follow whatever you say.”

Arjun nodded. “Yes, I understand, but now I have already hired a guy.”

Abhimanyu sighed. “Fine.”



“So are you going to get the job or not?” Prakash, Kavya’s father, asked her after she had narrated the whole incident.

“I don’t know.” Kavya shrugged.

“So, what’s your plan then?” Prakash asked.

“Well, I am going for another interview tomorrow. Let’s see.” She sighed.

“Hey, Dii!” Nyra came bouncing, cheerfully.

“Ny, I’m gonna kill you!” Kavya chased Nyra.

“I didn’t do anything! Dad, tell her to stop!” Nyra chuckled as she hid behind Prakash.

“Don’t hide behind Dad, you coward!” Kavya shouted.

“What did she do now?” Prakash laughed.

“First of all, she made me late, which almost got me out of the interview and then she got a receptionist fired by complaining to he owner himself.” Kavya retorted.

“The owner? I didn’t talk to the owner! I talked to some guy…oh!” Nyra realized.

“Exactly!” Kavya caught her.

They wrestled for a bit, but Nyra got out of Kavya’s grip and ran for her life. Kavya chased after her.

“Come here, you little brat!” Kavya shouted after her.

Kavya was almost catching up when her phone rang. She cursed whoever it was, but stopped and picked up the call.


“Is this Kavya Agarwal?” The caller asked.


“You seem out of breath,Ms.Agarwal, should I call back?”

“No, no! I was just running behind my siter…um..never mind.”

“Oh! The sister that got the poor receptionist fired!” The caller chuckled.

Kavya frowned, “ Who is this?”

“Abhimanyu Singhania.”

Kavya raised her brows and then frowned, “Hello? Are you still there, Mr.Abhimanyu Singhania?”

“Yes, Ms.Agarwal.”

“Sir, did you pause for effect? Just curious, Sir.” Kavya tried not to laugh.

Abhimanyu laughed, “You are as he told me.”

Kavya raised a brow.

“Ms.Agarwal, I want you to meet me tomorrow.”

“So, did I get the job?” Kavya grinned.

“Not the one you gave the interview for.” Abhimanyu said.

Kavya gave a quizzical look, “What?”

“We’ll meet tomorrow.” He said before ending the call.


Sakshi Shah

Edited: 21.01.2021

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