Pinky Swear

Chapter 16: Double Date!(or Trouble)

“Oh, I am good!" Alex gloated as she admired her work on my face through the mirror.

We were in my room and, she was presently helping me get ready for my date with Trevor. She had helped me out with putting on some light makeup, which was why she felt like a professional makeup artist.

"Do me next." Jane squealed while bouncing on my bed like a little girl.

"Not now, Jane. I'm still working." Alex said, still admiring my face while Jane pouted. "Now, let's get you in that dress." She went over to my wardrobe and brought out a blue dress that she had found earlier in my closet.

It had thin straps for sleeves and was flay from the waist down, stopping an inch above my knee.

I took it from her and put it on, wore my favorite black heels, and spun to both of them.

"So, how do I look?" I asked and twirled a little for them.

"Pretty as a princess." Jane clapped her hand.

"Hot as a queen." Alex winked at me as I smiled at both of them.
Just then, my mum swung open the door and walked in.

"Oh, look at my baby. Let me take a picture." She brought out her phone while I posed for her.

"Your date's already here. You never said he was cute." She smirked, making me roll my eyes at her.

"Please let him know I'll be down in a minute," I told her, and she finally left. 

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Alex walked over to me and fluffed my hair.

"Enjoy yourself. But not too much." Jane winked at me then we went downstairs together.

I could see Trevor talking with my dad and my mum beside him before he noticed me. His eyes widened when he took me in, and I took that as enough sign that Alex's work paid off.

He was wearing a navy blue shirt that had little white stripes and dark pants. I think he tried to style his hair, but it was still a little bit ruffled, but that didn't spoil his handsome look one bit. 

"Hi, Trevor." I gave him a small smile.

"Hey, beautiful." He replied, making me blush since everyone was here and could hear him.

Dad told him to bring me home before ten and then bided me goodbye before we were allowed to go. We went out, and I saw his car parked out front as we walked over to it together.

"You look stunning, by the way." He complimented me as he held the passenger door open for me. Such a gentleman.

"Thank you," I replied and slid into the car before he walked around the car to the driver's side.

It was a fifteen minutes drive to the restaurant, so we chatted about ourselves on the way.
I found out that he came to this town when he started high school, and that he also had two little sisters he simply adored. He also loved football, but surprisingly wasn't on the team. I didn't ask why not wanting to be evasive. I was sure he had his reasons.

We got to the restaurant, and he parked his car before walking over to open my door. I stepped out, and we walked hand in hand to the restaurant door, but we also met a couple about to go in. I hadn't realized who they were until I heard someone say,

"Would you look at that. The newest couples at school, going on a date. How cute."

I turned and found Jenny, with a smirk on her face and dressed in a pink dress, with her hands wrapped around Ryan's arm.

I looked at Ryan, surprised to see them here dressed casually in dark jeans, and a grey t-shirt, with dark boots, and his hair all ruffled up like he had been running his fingers through them. My heart did backflips in my chest at how handsome he looked, even though he hadn't put much effort into doing so.

He raised an eyebrow at both Trevor and me, while Jenny continued to smirk and cling to him.

"Adams." I heard Trevor say, but he wasn't smiling anymore, as I could see his jaw clench.

"Anderson," Ryan replied equally in a cold tone.

Okay, what was going on here. They clearly didn't like each other, but why?
Before I could ask anything though, Jenny blurted out;

"Oh, I just had a perfect idea. Since we're both here on a date, why don't we have it together, like a double date!" She squealed, and I wasn't why she seemed so excited.

I stared wide-eyed at Trevor to do something. I did not want to sit at the same table with her. I'd rather eat on the floor.

"Jenny, thanks, but we'd like to be alone." Trevor quickly told her while Ryan stood there and said nothing.

"Come on, Trevor. No need to feel shy. It's just going to be us, and it's going to be fun." She walked, quite elegantly in her heels into the restaurant, while I glanced at Trevor, wondering what was happening. He only shrugged, and we three had no choice but to follow her in.

"We would like a table for four, please," Jenny said to a waiter before we were all escorted to our table. Trevor sat beside me, while Jenny opposite Trevor, and Ryan, me. Great, now I had to endure his glare all night. What was his problem with me, anyway? He was always glaring at me.

This wasn't the kind of a date I wanted, where I had to sit opposite my ex-best friend and his bitchy girlfriend that I hated, by the way.

I could feel Trevor was tense beside me, and Ryan also sat rigid opposite me. They were both throwing glares occasionally at each other, and I wondered if maybe something had happened between them in the past.

"I'm glad you guys are together," Jenny said all of a sudden, not caring that there was a glaring contest going on between the two males at the table. "This way, you won't be able to sink your claws into what isn't yours." She glanced at me as she said that, making it clear that she was talking about me.

I balled my fist under the table and was going to give her a piece of my mind when I heard Trevor let out a humorless laugh.

"You know, it's funny you said that. Considering your boyfriend is the one who likes to take things that doesn't belong to him." He glared then at Ryan this time and I watched a smirk appear on Ryan's lips.

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