Pinky Swear

Chapter 18: Ditch Day

We’re going to talk about this tomorrow, Ryan had said. But the thing was, I didn’t want to talk about it. I was in love with Ryan, and he kissed me and then left me to go meet his girlfriend. And he said we were going to talk about it. I’m pretty sure of what he would say when we talk, probably he was sorry and that it was all a mistake.

I could feel my heart aching painfully in my chest at the possibility of that. If I heard say that, I would probably breakdown in tears.

Kissing Ryan had been the most amazing experience I had ever had, and at that time, I hadn’t wanted it to end.

In fact, right now, lying down on my bed, I could still taste him on my lip, and I wanted to savor it. But it was wrong, all of this was. I couldn’t feel this way for Ryan when he doesn’t even love me.

I know he kissed me, but that didn’t mean he liked me like that. He might be attracted to me a bit, but I’m sure that was all...just a little attraction. He did choose to go over to Jenny than stay with me.

I have seen how they acted together at school, and anyone who observed them would know they were in love with each other. Meaning, I was just probably a phase which he would soon get over.

I had tossed and turned all night, but still got no sleep. My head was occupied with that kiss, and imagining what Ryan would tell me at school tomorrow.

Because I wasn't sure if my heart could handle that, I decided I wouldn’t go to school today. So I remained on my bed, covered with a thick blanket, and curled in a fetal position, wishing today was Saturday and not Thursday. That way, I wouldn’t have to worry about facing him, for now.

“Samantha? Aren’t you going to get ready for school?” My mum asked as she entered my room. She was already dressed for work in her white shirt and black skirt, with heels on her feet.

“I can’t. I think I have a fever.” I lied while shivering a little to add some effect.

She sat beside me and used her hand to check my temperature.

“Your temperature seems normal. Let me go get your father, he’ll know what’s wrong.” She suggested, and I immediately froze. Since dad was a doctor, he would see past my lie and know I was alright. But before I could stop her, she was already out the doorway and calling for him.

I groaned but still kept up my act. Who knows, maybe he won’t catch my lie.

They both came in, and my dad sat beside me.

“How are you feeling, sunshine? Where does it hurt?” He questioned while inspecting my eyes and checking my temperature also.

“Um...I just feel cold, and a little bit weak. That’s all.” I answered, and hoped they would leave me alone and go to work.

“Why not follow me to the hospital. There, I could run some tests on you and see what’s wrong with you.” He suggested as he helped me sit up.

“No!” I yelled, stunning them both. “I mean...I don’t really feel that sick...just tired. Maybe if I had some soup, I might be good and new before tomorrow.” I hated hospitals, the smell of drugs, blood, and all those other stuff. Also, if dad does tests on me, he would find out I was lying.

“Are you sure? You look pretty bad,” Mum said with a worried look on her face. Of course, I looked bad. I had been up all night thinking and balling my eyes out. I probably had bags under my eyes, my nose might be red from blowing it too much, and I was sure my hair resembled a bird nest.

“Don’t worry, mum. I’m alright. You guys are probably already late for work. So why don’t you just go, and if I’m not better in the evening, then I would go to the hospital with dad tomorrow.” I said quickly, but my parents still looked unsure.

“Okay, honey. I’ll make some chicken soup for you before I go.” Mum said, then left to go prepare the soup.

“And I’ll call your school and tell them you’re sick. In the meantime, why don’t you go freshen up, I’m sure a warm bath will help.” Dad added and helped me stood up.

“Thanks, dad.”

It took a lot of time and effort to convince mum to go to work and leave me all alone. But eventually, she gave in and left me with a bowl of chicken soup.

I was then lying on my bed, sipping from a bowl of chicken soup and surrounded by silence until I heard my phone buzz. It was from Alex.

“What’s up?” I picked it.

“Where are you?” She almost yelled.

“At home, and on my bed with a bowl of chicken soup,” I replied, sipping from my soup.

“Why? Aren’t you coming to school?” She sounded surprised.

“Nope. Lied I was sick. Shouldn’t you be in class?” I asked since school should have started by now.

“The teacher’s late. Anyway, I saw Ryan pacing in front of your locker all morning, and he kept asking about you whenever he saw me. Also, Trevor was looking for you, he wasn’t smiling either. I’m guessing your date didn’t go as planned.” She narrated, and I froze when I heard Ryan was looking for me, completely ignoring the Trevor part.

Was he so eager to toss me aside? I was sure he wanted me to never speak to him or talk about what happened ever again. Of course, he did. He probably regretted everything and hated me now.

“Sam...are you there?” I was startled out of my thoughts by Alex calling me.

“He kissed me!” I blurted out all of a sudden, shocking Alex.

“Who? Trevor? I didn’t think he had it in him and...” She was saying, but I interrupted her.

“No, Ryan...Ryan kissed me and is probably looking for me to tell me hates me...”

“Woah, slow down. You know what? Fuck it, I’m ditching school and coming over.” She said and cut the call before I could say anything.


“...then he left to go meet her. Just like that.” I finished narrating to Alex all that happened, starting from the horrible dinner, to Ryan coming to my room, and then the kiss, while she sat across me, siping from my soup. She probably thought of me as her favorite show now, considering I’m always telling her my problems with Ryan.

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