Pinky Swear

Chapter 22: They Tweet Your Whereabouts

"Why are famous people hide to find?" I heard someone ask behind me while I walked down the hallway.

Turning around, I saw Josh walking two steps behind me. Lunch wasn't over yet but I had decided to leave early, mainly because I couldn't handle Ryan's continuous glare on me.

So I decided to head to class early before others did.

"What're you talking about?" I asked with a raised eyebrow and stopped walking. 

"I've been looking for you all day. One moment, someone tweets about your whereabouts and when I get there, another person tweets a different place and I'm left confused..." He started to blab when he comes to stand beside me, but I interrupted him not understanding what he was talking about.

"Wait, who's tweeting about my whereabouts." I scrunched my eyebrow hoping he was joking.

"Just a few girls who like to gossip." He shrugged like it was a normal thing to tweet about where people at school are.

"Why?!" I almost yelled at him.

"Because everyone wants to know who the girl is, that stole Ryan from Jenny after half of the girls at school had tried." He replied while I groaned and resumed my walk to class while bowing my head to hide from prying eyes.

Seriously, what's the big deal about Ryan and I talking like normal teenagers in a hallway?!

"Look, it's not that bad. It's actually a good thing, not everyone gets to be this popular overnight." Josh kept trailing after me and I wished he would leave me alone.

"What do you want Josh?" I asked wanting to get rid of him as quickly as possible.

"I just want to know what is really going on between you and Ryan." 

I was about to tell him nothing, but he cut me off.

"Wait, before you say nothing, you should know I'm asking for a good reason." I stopped again to look at him, what could possibly be the good reason? "Ryan has been behaving real strange lately." He said while looking around to see if anyone was listening.

"How strange?" I raised an eyebrow at him and allowed him to lead me into the classroom. I think we had this class together.

"Let's just say he isn't himself lately." He led me to the back of the classroom. I took the seat nearest to the window, and he pulled the chair beside me, closer to me and sat.

The class wasn't filled yet. In fact, there were only three girls at the front, and I think they looked at us longer than normal before they started whispering, and I saw one of them start to type very fast on her phone.

"At football practice, he's either not focused or too aggressive. He's always looking lost and doesn't talk much, though he doesn't before but now it's worst. And he picks a fight with anything moving that gets in his way, he almost gave me a black eye at yesterday's party, because I tried to stop him from walking out of an angry Jenny. By the way, they had a huge fight on Saturday night, at Liam's party." 

"Okay...and how does all of these have to do with me?" I was facing him completely now, and I could hear students already filling up the class. 

"Because," he sighed like he expected me to know why, "He started to act this way on Thursday, which was also the day he was frantically looking for you like a mad man."

"Okay..." I dragged the word still no believing I was the reason he was acting all strange. "I don't think all of this has to do with me so if you would just..."

"Why does he always go for the dumb ones." He sighed again cutting me off and I glared at him, not sure if he was talking about me 

"Are you calling me dumb?!" I almost yelled at him but he just rolled his eyes and sighed some more.

"Don't you get it, Ryan rarely losses his cool. You're making him lose his cool." I wanted to interject but he stopped me. "Look, I really don't know what is going on between you two, but you guys better figure something out because his actions are costing us a lot on the team. He isn't focused and we need our quarterback focused." He suddenly looked very serious and I quietly listened.

Why would he think I was the reason Ryan was distracted? I haven't done anything to him except of course kiss him, twice! 

A ping sound goes off on Josh's phone and he took it out before his eyes went wide in surprise. I scrunched my eyebrows worriedly at him while he looked up and glared at the three girls we first met in class. They in turn had guilty expressions on their face before turning away.

I didn't know what was wrong with Josh, but it seemed it had something to do with the girls.

"What's wrong?" I asked putting my hand on his shoulder. By this time, the class was almost filled up with students chattering and I think I saw some of them giving Josh and me some looks.

"Remember when I said you were so popular, they tweet your whereabouts?" His eyes diverted to me and for a second I was confused until what he meant sank in and I almost facepalmed myself.

"Don't tell me they tweeted about it again." I groaned while massaging both my temples with my fingers. I think I was starting to get a headache from all that was happening.

"Not just that." He paused and his eyes roamed around the classroom, staring at everyone, who were now all whispering a lot as they stared at us. "They think I'm trying to hit on you because of how close we are seated." 

"Well they can think whatever they want, I'm just so tired and want to go home and take a long nap." I rolled my eyes and glared at anyone who I caught staring at us. They in turn looked away quickly.

"They're not the problem." I heard Josh say and I looked to him confused. But his eyes were trained on something behind me, and was it just me or was the classroom quieter than it was a second ago.

Following Josh's line of sight, I saw the reason for everybody's distraction, standing rigidly near the classroom door.

It seemed Ryan just stepped into the class and his eyes were focused on me! 

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