Pinky Swear

Chapter 40: A Happy Ending

My pillow was hard, very hard. It was warm, and it smells nice’s too. I could feel it moving beneath my head like it was breathing, and it felt so smooth beneath my palm.

Oh, wait. That’s Ryan’s chest.

Snapping open my eyes, I looked around the room and found it was already morning as the sun filtered in through the window. The clock read 7:30, but I didn’t panic as it was Saturday, so no school.

Ryan and I were laid sprawled on my bed, with half my body on him and his arm wrapped around my waist, holding me tight against him. He was shirtless and just in a pair of shorts while I was in his shirt.

I toyed with the locket round his neck as a smile made its way to my lips. I've never seen him go out with it on, as if letting everyone know he was mine. I loved it.

I remembered how he sneaked in yesterday and fell the first time before making it to my window, almost waking my parents up.

We had been going out for three weeks now, and they had been the best weeks of my life. We made out on almost every room in my house, the kitchen, the sitting room, the bathroom, and of course, my room. We binge-watched our favorite TV series, The Originals. Then we went on a double date with Alex and Josh, and of course, Alex ordered the most.

We went to the movies, then an amusement park where we rode the Ferris wheel together, kissing on top of it also. We stargazed on his rooftop and ended up sleeping there, under the stars, and today, he was throwing a pool party at his place as his parents had gone on a trip to the Bahamas, and they took Kira along.

A smile made it’s way to my lips as I felt him stir beneath me.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” I rose on my elbow and smiled up at him as he squints his eyes open. A smile also broke out on his lips as he rose and tried to kiss me on my lips.

I hurriedly moved back while scrunching my eyebrows in disapproval.

“Eww, no. Neither of us has brushed our teeth yet.” I pointed out.

“So...” He shrugged and reached for me again but was interrupted by a knock on my door.

“Sam, sweetie. Open the door.” It was my mum. My eyes wideyn in fright as I jumped off of Ryan, but he didn’t so much as budge.

“What are you still doing there? Get out before she comes in.” I whisper yelled at him while pointing at the window.

“Not after my early morning kiss.” He grinned like Cheshire cat, interlocking his finger behind his head and laid back down comfortably.

“Are you kidding me?” I hissed at him through clenched teeth, but he only grinned the more.

“Samantha...” My mum kept knocking. Groaning in annoyance, I placed a quick peck on his lips before moving back.

“Now, go!”

“That’s not what I want.” He raised himself on his elbows, staring at me in disapproval. I wanted to yell at him, but my mum’s knocking was becoming persistent.

Huffing in annoyance, I leaned back down and gave him a full slow kiss on his lips before moving back and harshly whispered at him.

“Get out, Now!”

“Okay...okay, fine. But I kinda need my shirt back.” He gestured to the shirt I had on, making my cheeks turn red.

“Samantha Kendall, get your butt out of bed and open this door now!” I heard my mum yell behind the door.

“Uh...coming, mum. I’m just uh...naked.” I quickly said.

“Oh...hurry up and throw something on. I have something for you.” She answered, not leaving.

Finding Ryan’s sweatpants, I threw it at him before telling him to start getting dressed. Then I went to the bathroom and changed into a dress before bringing out his shirt.

“But I wanted to see my cupcake, without clothes on.” Ryan pouted while I glared at him to hurry. “Okay, I’m putting on the shirt.” He does as he said before I dragged him to the window. He looked down before staring at me, unsure. Oh, yeah. He’s afraid of heights. That’s why he always falls when he climbs in.

“Just go!” I yelled at him when my mum called for me again and knocked. He hesitantly complied and carefully glided out the window.

“Sam...” My mum was becoming impatient.

“Coming, mum!” I quickly slid the window down and went to unlock the door.

“What were you doing?” My mum immediately asked with her eyebrows furrowed in suspicion.

“N...nothing. Just getting dressed.” I answered and cursed myself for stuttering. She continued to stare at me in suspicion, though.

“What was it you wanted to show me?” I quickly asked to divert her attention.

“Oh, yeah.” She shook her head and brought out a spatula from behind her with a smile on her lips. “Do you know what this is?”

“Uh...a spatula?” I more like asked, not sure where this was going.

She nodded her head, “Good. You’re cooking pancakes. So hurry and come downstairs to the kitchen.” She announced before heading back downstairs.

Ugh...she knows I hate cooking. I groaned before closing back my door and was going to flop on my bed when I heard a thumping sound on my window.

I stared at it before going over and raising it up. Ryan was still there, looking up at me with a grin. I cocked an eyebrow at him before he mouthed, “I love you.” Smiling, I did the same. He always said it whenever he had the opportunity.

“I’ll pick you up at two?” He asked while I nodded before he hurried away.



Before said two, I already was dressed in a red dress with my swimsuit underneath, waiting for Ryan to pick me up.

When I heard his car honking in the driveway, I kissed my parents goodbye before rushing out the door and into his car.

I pecked him on his lips before he drove off with big grins on our faces. We soon got to his place, and I was stunned to see the place already packed. Some in the pool, some on the chaise lounges, and some just walking about.

I spotted Alex and Josh making out in the pool and went over to them.

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