Pirate:song of the Sea

Chapter Three: Auction

Chapter Three: Auction

The shackles that enveloped her wrists and ankles clang into the floor every time she made movements. Almost like it was trying to annoy her that all she did that moment was just sit up and stare into the wooden ceiling of the cellar. The ship must be very enormous that it managed to build up a cellar as big as it would fit hundreds of ladies down below and could manage over occupying more than enough crews to function all through the day.

And Morven had guessed that today was already morning. Despite the darkness she could see, she knew it was already morning by then. The noises of the busy feet had been thumping from up above for quite a while now that all she could think about are more than hundreds of crews moving from everywhere that made the escape even more impossible for anyone of them. Especially the nobles that have been crying since they were taken in. Even Brenda was quiet for over hours since the captain of Loreliz had made his appearance in the cellar and went back up to the deck to command his crew for the incoming night that he spoke of… the auction, was it?

Inhumane and merciless, the girl had given out all the possible outcome for her. Either, she will let herself die in the sea and die with her innocence and sanity, or die from the most dangerous hands as hard as it is for her to imagine. She didn’t want the second option as much as she didn’t want to do her first thought since the sea was where she earned most of weakness. Suicide nor murder was supposedly out of her mind two days ago when she reached seventeen. She was thinking about the book that she wanted to read that badly, but now all her memories awash into something else that wanted to drive her mad. All things in order, all possibility was death in line and that’s the thing she didn’t thought that could happen today or even the next day.

Then her sighed ran into Brenda’s features. For how many days has she thought her life would end in such a nasty ship? She must’ve cried too… at least once in her stay she could’ve turned vulnerable and asked for freedom. And that made Morven finally let out a single tear that instantly dropped down her cheeks. No, she can’t just let herself die today, tomorrow or the following days. She must make an escape. She knew for herself that she’s strong and all the servants from her manor knew what she could do.

She composed herself, silenced her mind for pessimistic possibilities and wiped the short tears that escaped her senses. All she could think about now was how to escape and go back home to where she belongs to. She leaned her back into the metal wall of the ship and relaxed, earning back her strength to fight back from the people she wanted so much to avoid. No matter what the cause is, she must return home and find a way to get her freedom back.

“You seem determine.” Brenda’s voice spoke from beside her.

Morven opened her eyes and turned to the woman. “I’m just being who I am.” She replied. “And I wish not stay into the sea for long. This place isn’t for me.”

“I hope you could actually do that. No one had ever done such recklessness for a noble like yourself.”

“Wish me luck.” Morven uttered clenching her fist trying to make her fear subside as she tried making up her mind.

“I admire your determination. Yet I feel sorry for your hopes.” Brenda straightened.

Morven knew how hopeless that thought was. But she never gets tired to speak her favorite line. “There’s always possibilities when you’re on your feet, breathing and thinking. There’s no hard note that you can’t overcome when you practice it with all your heart and interest. All I knew is that I wanted to live and that’s what I’ll hold on to until I could make this hardship pays off.”

“Are you even sure you could survive the world in the sea when you yourself had never known what it feels to be out of your shell? You’re a noble.” Brenda countered with her fact.

“I know it’s hard, but it’s not so bad if I try. I might succeed.”

“Nonsense. Do you even know what torture means once you fail?” Brenda’s voice was rising a little. Astonished and at the same time annoyed by the girl’s foolishness. “What’s impossible is impossible. You can never change that.” She said in finality and turned away.

Morven didn’t let her words bother her plan. Although deep down her throat, she knew that what that woman says is the truth, she didn’t want to swallow what she’s trying to imply. There’s always a possibility and everyone can make it happen… at least, she still hopes.

They waited until finally, evening reached the sea. Morven could tell since the footsteps are slowly making a silent progress. Other crews might’ve been resting. And the guards from the cellar changed into new once. Then the bars opened, the crew that entered, dragged few girls who were struggling from the men who were taking them away. The girl who were left suddenly silenced in the women’s cries from up above the cellar. Now the people down there heard laughter from up above them, until one of the said crew had took over the role of a host and introduced the nobles they’ve captured and started the bidding. Morven’s heart felt crumpled and twisted as she listens to the amount being placed down. A girl, in exchange of a million? Is that the worth of life? She wanted to shout it out loud in front of them, tell them how disgusting is it to buy women just like they were simply life stocks. Then again, the crews who came down dragging the first batch of women took another ten and the host continued his bidding.

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