Pirate:song of the Sea

Chapter 4: Captain in the night

Chapter 4: Captain in the night

She was pinned harshly with her face crashing into wall while her hands are being tied tightly from her back pushing her arms together forcibly at the back of her waist. It was the most unforgettable thing Morven would remember as she still lives in this world and the man confining her wrists was the man she wanted to strike her sword with firsthand. He was the guard whom she had issues on the night earlier when she tried to escape and the man too didn’t seem to like her that all his revenge ended up into an undefined tight knot of neon rope. Of course, the pain made the girl struggle and had pulled back few kicks to his knees but he was just trying to endure the pain since their captain was there watching.

“Just you wait, I’ll make sure you’ll see hell after this.” The irritated girl mouthed that only the man behind her could hear.

Cordon wheezed. “If you’d last a day, princess.” He mockingly retorted, pulling her arm with him making her follow ahead with her body going into the open bars of the cellar where the man who bought her waited together with the captain of Loreliz. All mattered now was the pain she’s having out of her pulse than the intimidating men waiting for her to make an exit. The tight rope was making her fingers numb that she wanted to pull the rope off desperately before it probably kills her hands but her struggle made it even worse. Her wrists bled and the stinging sensation fused with the suffocation in her hands.

“Well, say hello to captain Leyr, brat.” The captain of Loreliz grinned pointing a finger over the figure beside him.

“Hello? You might want to mean hell…” Morven turned her gaze sideways with her sarcastic tone.

The captain laughed. “Sharp tongue for someone who’s helpless.”

“The only weapon I could muster for the main situation. As you can see, I’m going to die soon. And blame your stupid crew for killing my veins.” Fear didn’t stand a chance to her for the mean time. All she wanted to do was to rest and she was not given that luxury for how many hours now. She’s been thinking, confused, bothered, sleepless, tired and in pain. What words that spill out of her mouth wasn’t her control anymore, it was her subconscious mind trying to speak out what she wants platonically. Nothing mattered that night, and that might be the end of her.

Captain Leyr moved forward, suddenly lifting her up and slung her on his shoulder like it was nothing and weightless. Morven wanted to argue and thrash wildly but her body didn’t have the capacity to inquire resistance, instead, she cursed under her breathe and sighed. The captain started walking shaking her head in a manner that she became sick as the sight only showing the moving wooden floor that made her grunt in tremendous pain in her head. Then another sight showed up after the man had jumped up from the deck, waking her into reality and made her struggle.

“Stop!” she squirmed in fear struck by the sight of the ocean just below her. The deep dark water made her want to run yet the man ignored her and continued to walk into the thin wood made as an alternative for a bridge in order to cross from Loreliz down to another ship. He made another step while the ships were waving left to right that made the girl feared that the man might get out of balance that would cause both of them to fall. And that visualization reminded her what happened ten years ago… her sinking into the deep sea. Her tears formed out clenching her fists tightly even if it made her pain worsen although not after a while they were able to reach the other ship. The crews were gone to sleep after getting themselves drunk from the night.

Leyr hissed, whispered something that Morven thought was a cuss and went on into his quarters just below the front deck as he made his way down into his room and opened another door that possesses a dark room. She couldn’t see a thing until the man placed her down carefully, unsheathing his knife belted from his waist and made himself closer to the clueless girl.

“W-what?” Morven saw the blade flashed in front of her until it went down to her back with the blade running into her wrist where the rope had been making her uncomfortable that was easily cut allowing her hands to loosen from both her sides. Then the man’s presence disappeared, making her hear footsteps while she tried to adjust her eyes. However, a fire went on that cleared the darkness in the room. He lighted up a matchstick grabbing the lamp that stood beside him near the table and lit it up to give them sight. When the girl looked around, she found a shelf beside her, filled with books and just across were musical instruments, a bed fully covered in cushions and white bedding, the floor had the same wooden texture like Loreliz and the whole atmosphere set her allured with her need of rest.

“This’ll be your place in this ship.” The man coldly spoke staring at her.

That also made Morven gave a look and watch as the color of fire played its reflection into the orbs of his grey cold eyes. “What do you want?” she asked back.

“For you to sing for me.”

There was silence…

“I want you to sing the waves for me.” Again Leyr cleared.

Morven’s eyes grew wide after what she’d heard. “Where did you hear that?!” she asked in shock.

“I just know.”

“I won’t. I will never sing any waves nor will I watch the sea.” She resisted looking back down into the floor and frowned. “Is that why you bought me on that auction?”

He gave another stare. “Yes. That’s one of the reason.” He went back closer to her, abruptly grabbing one of her hands and made it face him. “Despite such powerful power you possess you’re still this fragile.” He pressed her bruised palm that her mind registered as quickly that she easily felt pain, making her flinch.

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