Pirate:song of the Sea

Chapter 5: Orion

Chapter 5: Orion

Morven opened her eyes dizzily to find the ceiling welcoming her wake.

She sensed her body spinning after crying her frustration yesterday. And now her body was feeling heavy too knowing her uncomfortable sleeping position and the quality of the bed she’s lying in to. She sat up carefully lifting her head and watched her surroundings beginning from the shelves of books going right to where some music instruments lie then a quick look into the far left finding the closed door. She quickly stood up and ran towards the door. She pulled it and it easily opened without any heavy lock to keep her. Upon exiting out of the small room she was welcomed by another bed room, actually bigger than the room she had spent the night with and fancier. Whoever stays in this room is no doubt to be the captain himself.

Now she hurried towards the door she again found. She pushed the knob harshly meeting the sun directly shining towards her skin. It was so bright that her eyes had to adjust with the rays that hit her line of sight. Her eyes stiffed raising her hands voluntarily to shade herself from the sun. But just before she could find a sense of accomplishment on adjusting her eyes, she instinctively jumped off behind finding herself being surrounded by numbers of men who was looking at her.

“A Jonah?” all chanted questionably as they observed her from head to toe.

Morven looked at them with the same look to give that she too was bewildered. What is a Jonah? She thought to herself while keeping the eye contact with each and every crew she could meet her eyes with. They looked different from Loreliz’s crew. They looked like young men older than her for more than ten-year gap. And they hardly looked the part of a pirate themselves.

“What? Since when? I never saw captain Leyr allowing a Jonah enter his quarters. He’s never fund of women in the ship.” One stated confused.

“Idiot, we never heard him say he didn’t.” another countered.

Then everyone started murmuring like bees around her like the girl had never been in front of them at all. Nor did they try to ask her and just ignored her over their business with questions. But all murmurings stopped after one cold voice overpowered from above the deck.

“What’s keeping you men glued on your boots? Get to work.” He ordered.

“But captain why is there a Jonah here? How did she come here?” they asked.

“I bought her in an auction from Loreliz.”

“What?! But captain, she’s a Jonah.” They all complained.

Morven shifted glances from the men back to the captain then back to the men. What were they trying to say? She didn’t understand at all. “She’s an acquaintance from the south.” The captain said to counter. “And I do not recall you people believing about that kind of nonsense.”

They all nodded to agree. “If she’s the captain’s friend, maybe it could get off the chart.” They all shambled back to their own chores and literally ignored the girl into their daily basis of lives. Her expectations of them being the gruesome lawbreakers were actually the counterfeit of what she’s witnessing now.

“Now as for you.” His gaze held hers coldly. He jumped off the front deck and landed down in front of her with ease. “Get back inside. You’re a nuisance.” He offered her the door inside his quarters. And that just shocked her.

She frowned irritated at the man who suddenly called her nuisance with such straight face and unnerving gentleman action. She looked at him in disbelief and frowned after. “How dare you call me a nuisance you imbecile!” she shouted back. “Return me back to the south before my family does it and surely your earthly head will be lopped out from being attached to your neck.”

“How rude such nobles be on just calling peasants like us in such an unrefined manner.” He mocked in a face of disappointment in both his expression and tone. “Such vulgar words coming from such angelic voice. It doesn’t fit you at all.”

“Hmp!” she snobbishly turned away from him.

“If you want to go home then you’re free to swim back south.” Now he offered the sight of the sea behind her which she didn’t pay attention to the previous minutes until he actually mentioned it. When that processed right through her brain, the thought of being in the middle of the sea struck her when her gaze met the view of the blue space. Her knees automatically trembled making her involuntarily loss the strength to carry her weight and collapsed on the ground that surprised the captain. “Hey.” He called out looking down at her in confusion. She sat frozen on the ground. Eyes shut and trembling like a leaf, her breathing was heavy as well.

“Harris! Call Neil!” the captain called kneeling down to check on her. “Hey, princess.”

“Cap’n! Doc Neil says to take the patient down his room!” The blond young boy the captain called as Harris hurtled towards the two and informed.

Leyr stood up, pointed over the lady who was still trapped in panic. “Carry her down to his clinic. I want him to check her up for me.”

The boy straightened and made a salute. “Aye!” he said and quickly bent down to reach her, carrying her up and he started walking towards a door just beside the captain’s quarter. “Hold still cap’n’s friend. Doc Neil’s quarters is just close by. Try not to die yet.” He said in a panting voice. Moments later, the boy was facing a new door, kicking it open as he entered.

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