Pirate:song of the Sea

Chapter 7: Indefinite Deals

Chapter 7: Indefinite Deals

Nothing’s bad with being this hungry… at least that’s what Morven thought when she started eating the food that a young cook offered her in the dining.

She literally filled herself up with all the food she could get after all, it’s been two consecutive days of being in a battle ship without being given any rations for the captured. She started up with the bread, bigger than her hand that she doesn’t particularly mind at all since it was food and all she could think of is hunger that she forgot about modesty and just had it her way of showing that she’s not at all conscious.

Leyr simply watched with a raise of one eyebrow. “Is captain Trose actually lying when he said that you’re from the Ceithille family?” he asked in pure doubt.

Morven swallowed her food before giving a glare at him. “Try to starve for three days straight no food and drink, let’s see if you’ll hold your grace once you see those foods in front of you.” She logically implied. “Seriously, what’s wrong if a noble like me eats like this? Is there a law saying we shouldn’t –” it made her pause after a memory slipped through.

Nobles should never think of peasant equal to them. You’re born to become a high class noble that you should only keep close to people with high rank. Learn to protect your place in this place and I’m sure peasants will obey you. Her step mother always pampered her mind with her mindset. It was always something biased for the ‘high ranking noble’ as she had always mention in a very classy tone as if she had been actually born to be a ‘high class’ herself. But in reality, she was born in a middle class family. Not only that, if only Morven’s father didn’t interact with the peasants, they would never actually be meeting each other. But the problem was, she couldn’t bore a child for her father that resulted to separation.

“Hmp… Nevermind.” She continued eating again, but slower and uninterested to make another conversation.

Leyr noticed her change of heart. But despite knowing it he still continued the conversation. “Did I forget to say that you’re about to travel the seven seas?” he asked to shook the thought out of her. The girl stopped from chewing, her eyes went back to cast questioning look. The captain gave her a serious look. “I won’t lie to you. This pirate ship plans to rummage. And since you’re in it, and you don’t seem to be interested in gold, I’ll offer you a trip for the world that is, if you want your life to last happily.”

“You sound so sure that this ‘pirate ship’ of yours could actually last for that rummage.” Morven replied with emphasis rolling her eyes and continued to munch her bread that was already halved.

The captain gave a grin at her. “Don’t believe it? Why not wait for it to be fulfilled, right?” he said.

Now Morven’s focus was on the soup. She scooped a spoonful and fill it into her mouth. “What if I don’t sing at all?” she asked.

“I doubt that. You will sing. It’s prerequisite for your incoming adventure. And besides, if you won’t do that, this ship might not last longer than one sea.”

“How can it not? You can compromise some of the natural disaster with that wind song you were singing this morning.” The girl countered back still not convinced.

“That song had a limitation. Yes, I can compromise some of the aftershocks of wind during a storm –a normal storm that is. But stronger and destructive storms are in the sea. I’ve experienced it many times now and that’s why this ship is not that sturdy.” He explained.

“It’s not sturdy because it looks…” she looked around then back to Leyr. “Ancient.” She breathed the word out not to make it quite offensive for the captain himself. But it sounded more of a mock than she thought it would have been.

Leyr was silent for a while. Morven looked at him and he actually looked like he was in deep thought that she just continued to eat not to cause him interference. The door opened from the dining room after some seconds of silence. It seems like the girl was the only one who noticed the entrance of the young chef who was warmly making his way merrily to their direction. “I made some sweets for you, cherry. A cake straight from the heart.” He proudly announced placing the plate down in front of her that finally, made the captain escaped his thinking and gave an acknowledgement to the chef who came by.

Morven, who was done from her meal clapped her hands in delight. “Just when I thought I wasn’t satisfied.” She happily said. “Thanks sir chef. You’re very thoughtful.” She said then gave a looked at the cake the man had just prepared for her.

“A tasty welcome, cherry. Call me Daryl.” He smiled full of arrogance and gave a wink.

But the girl, too focused on the cake had ignored him and continued eating. Instead, it was the captain who darted the chef a glare as though he was signaling him to leave. The boy sighed defeated, turning back to the open door and put himself out as the door closes.

“I have a question.” Morven broke the silence.

“You’re always asking.” Leyr replied back that made the girl grimaced. Noticing that, the captain sighed. “Just ask.” He finally said.

“Why does this ship looks like an orphanage for pirate boys?” she asked.

“Well to begin with, this is Neverland.” He sarcastically replied. And just when the girl was about to argue, he quickly covered her mouth with his palm. “And just before you start retorting, princess. This young people around you are some people I gathered around to keep this ship alive like Daryl and Neil. Few of the folks who sailed this ship had been executed just a couple of years ago and some of those folks happened to have sons to ascend their ‘job’ which, I am aware of. And since I’m the one who had lived here for more than a decade, it had been decided that I should become the captain. Careless of how old I am or how young I am. As long as I can take the responsibility of making the right decision.”

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